Tangled Cosplay Costumes- Rapunzel Dress & More

If you’re looking for a great idea for a costume for a cosplay event or Halloween- check out Coserz‘ Rapunzel costumes- from the movie Tangled! Rapunzel cosplay dresses can be found in so many places online, but with Coserz you know you’ll be getting a high quality item, reliable shipping, and a range of accurate izes- to get the Rapunzel dress costume that would fit you like a glove!

However, wearing Rapunzel’s dress alone- doesn’t make you Rapunzel! If you really want to rock your Rapunzel look- you’ll need the hair to go along with it! In that case you have 2 options:

Grow your hair for about 3-4 years… Or check out Coserz’ Rapunzel hair wig extra long hair.

The movie Tangled features more ladies than Rapunzel, and if you want to get a different costume from this movie- Coserz’ got a special Mother Gothel dress costume for you as well!
The epic red dress of Mother Gothel is a wonderful cosplay dress from Tangled:

For your man- Coserz made this gorgeous Prince Flynn Rider Costume – that will go great with your cosplay dress look! The pants, the shirt, jacket, and even side bag- will turn any man to Prince Flynn Rider!

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