Glittering Sewing Accessories – For Amateurs & Pros


It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur sewing lady or a professional seamstress- the magic happens way before you start working on your piece… It starts with the fabric! Finding the right fabric for the item you want to sew can be a hard process.

You’ll find a great deal of standard fabrics in fabric shops, but for the real unique stuff you need to search. Search in different smaller markets, drive hours, or maybe even order online cause the best fabrics don’t exist in your vicinity!

One Etsy shop is making it way easier to get high quality unique fabrics.. that glitter!
This special Etsy shop is called GlitterFabrics and it’s purpose is simple- they create fabrics that are glittering and unique- and price them while keeping in mind small business owners and people with a sewing hobby, making their prices affordable, for an audience that once had nowhere to go.

Here are some of my personal favorite fabrics from GlitterFabrics:

Their rose gold glittering fabric is a brand new development, and it will surely upgrade any design you have in mind!

This unique Etsy shop is favorable for people making hair accessories, or small sewing jobs, as they also offer fabrics at a smaller scale than 1 meter… You can buy glittering fabrics in the size of an A4 printer paper! Perfect size for smaller DIY projects. So you can purchase glitter fabrics and not worry about wasting them!

GlitterFabrics has so much more to offer…
You really need to see to understand

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