Hidden gem to find quality SVG cutting files for Cricut


These days, the world of design and decor has changed drastically, with more and more tools becoming available for “the simple people”. Unlike the old days, there are more ways now to get things done!

Using cutting machines to create beautiful works of art, or simply printing high resolution photos on canvases or metal- has become the newest home design trends- and our reality is going towards DIY more and more!

For this new lifestyle we have new vendors… No more going to canvas shops, but going to shops selling the files you could print on a canvas! Getting special art works for immediate use, in SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG and PDF- great for home printing, large printing and of course- cutting!

A great place to get SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG and PDF files for your DIY projects and gift giving is RedEarthandGumtrees Etsy shop.

Owned by Bena, this shop has sold more than 18,500 files!! Showing you just how much the files here are of high quality and will make your DIY needs fulfilled!

Visit RedEarthandGumtrees Etsy shop for more!

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