Art Takes Many Forms…

Art Takes Many Forms

Art is a painting… It’s a piece of unique clothing.. Art is everything! If you look around you you’d be able to see so many amazing things, so much ART- everywhere you look. This is part of the reason why I love Etsy so much- cause there’s all over the place! Here are 3 cool Etsy store I found that display true ART takes:

Alexander Miller Art

Alexander is an abstract painter from New England, currently living in California. If you take a look at his Etsy store you’d be able to spot that his paintings are vibrant and powerful but still maintain a relaxing vibe. My favourite piece from his Etsy store is this abstract  painting, with a dark base and a feeling of amazing chaos:

Visit Alexander’s store in this link.

Luck Judgement Gifts

This store, owned by Clare Hunt, is a celebration of the joy for our little ones. Clare’s collection of needle felted decorations makes for the perfect baby shower gift- and is simply a great way to spoil a new mother and her baby. My favourite one was this little lamb, looking so innocent and naive, making the perfect gift:

Visit Clare’s store in this link.

Numero 11 on Silk

The last one is actually my favourite, store that celebrates photography and fashion in the most amazing way, with photography silk scarves! Owned by Lucrecia Cesar, this store is truly a work of art! My favourite item being this scarf, featuring a photo of Wind Towers, printed on high quality silk:

Visit Lucrecia’s store in this link.

Art Takes Many Forms
Art Takes Many Forms

Tell me, which was your favourite?

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