New Slovakian Brand Assures Zero Waste Living

New Slovakian Brand Assures Zero Waste Living

Global warming, using too much of nature’s resources and the rising of our population- are alarming. We are all, as a generation, try to waste less and use more of the things we can. Introducing  the New Slovakian Brand Assures Zero Waste Living.
The DIY scene for up-cycling materials is spreading, and you can pretty much turn every plastic bottle and aluminum can into something beautiful and new. However, what about other things?

You’re using so many different items in your everyday life that are made out of brand new chemical materials, not knowing you could be using natural “ingredients” instead. And by “everyday items” we mean things like glasses, toothbrushes, makeup and hair brushes- and even decorative items like printable wall art.

However, one brand from Slovakia- is going to change that.

Meet Bambooska World

Bambooska World is an Etsy store that uses natural substances, mainly Bamboo, to make the items we’ve mentioned above. Their motto is “Connect with Nature” and by that I’m sure they mean love for nature, and love for our children and grand-children who will be living in the world we’ll be leaving them.

Most of their products can be customized, and you could enjoy having a toothbrush or a sunglasses box with your name on them- or the name of the person you’re giving a gift to! Perfect gifts for people who love taking care of the environment and living life Eco-Friendly.

On top of these items, Bambooska World also sells printable items for wall art as a cooperation with young designers.. These are well designed picture files that will allow you to instantly receive a high quality photo that you could print and use to decorate your bedroom walls, kitchen walls or your office or living room as a beautiful framed picture on the table!
The young artists use this Etsy store as a way to get their creations out there, and get a cut from the sale price upon each order!

Their Instagram account is amazing, and you sure want to follow them in order to see their new products as they’re produced, and always hear about new sales and promo offers!

New Slovakian Brand Assures Zero Waste Living
New Slovakian Brand Assures Zero Waste Living

You can also visit them on their official Website, and of course see more of their work on their Etsy store!
Have fun shopping and saving the planet!

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