Abstract Art By Kjnosal. Perfect Combo Of Wall Art And Jewelry

Abstract Art By Kjnosal

I often find that so many Etsy stores are not really doing ALL that they can. You see these awesome photographers with their prints and instant downloads, but it’s like they never do anything DIFFERENT with their art, just present it like it is. That’s not the case with Kjnosal Etsy store. Owned by Kristina Nosal from Virginia, this stores ships to the US and to Canada… And you’re gonna love what she has to offer you!
Here are some of her art work (available at her Etsy store):

With a BA in Communication Design from The University at Buffalo, and a Masters in Art Education from Boston University, Kristina is an art teacher, but also a creator of amazing abstract designs, that could either go up on your wall… Or on your neck! You read right– on your neck!
Kristina displays a variety of abstract paintings and wall art alongside a collection of necklaces, that would make any outfit pop out. Just see for yourselves:

Check out Kristina’s Etsy store for more designs, or check her Website, Facebook page or Instagram to follow the progress of this awesome artist!

Abstract Art By Kjnosal
Abstract Art By Kjnosal

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