Unique Canvas Art On Etsy

Unique Canvas Art

If you are looking to turn a boring room into the centre of the house, you must know by now that art is the way to do it. You could get prints and pictures in dozens of stores around your house, but the problem is- they will never be unique. They will be mass-produced, mass-sold, and the print you’ll end up buying might say hello to you in a friend’s house one day. Canvas art is something that should be celebrated for it’s rareness, not purchased lightly for few dollars.

For that mission I turned to Etsy to find a store that can give you both a truly unique canvas print, that is made to order, as well as high quality 240gsm smooth matt paper with a light, fine-grain surface texture. And I found it! Etsy store Fusion Art Works is truly a celebration of art, displaying their abstract interpretation for normal paintings and pictures.

The iconic Eiffel tower, the ever-lasting Marilyn Monroe, you could find them there, and more, with a unique twist that shows the artist’s different point of view. Here are some of the amazing designs you can see at Fusion Art Works Etsy store:

Each print and canvas can be purchased in a large range of sizes to fit your: living room, bedroom, study room, bathroom and even your kitchen. Ranges of size are from 8X12 Inches to 32X48 Inches. Store ships from the UK to selected countries, and you can contact the seller via Etsy platform in order to ask about shipping costs for the canvases and prints you fancy.

Enjoy the art.

Unique Canvas Art
Unique Canvas Art

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