Upgrade Your Bath Time With 3 Easy Steps

Fo me, bath time is me time… That’s why I have created the perfect space for me in my little wash-room so that I will always feel relaxed. I love decorating bathrooms with bright colours, and just really take care of all of those little details that would make my shower perfect… So, here’s what you’ll need for the perfect bath experience- everyday!

1 – The right curtain

You can spot the curtain as the first main thing when you enter the room, so it should be a statement, something you like. If you like Chanel perfume you’d be happy to learn that I found a store on Etsy, called Bella Bella Shoppe that sells shower curtains with the Chanel perfume bottle printed on them. The store’s owner lives in NYC and ships all of their good world-wide, so no matter where you’re from in the world- you could enjoy a nice Chanel curtain for your shower! (Store also has pillows, bags and other items… Just click here to see.)

2 – Some pretty soaps

I know that it shouldn’t be- pretty soaps, but healthy soaps… But a girl’s gonna be a girl! I love to have even the simple soap bars, just in colours! You can find them at any mart store at the beauty and health section, and enjoy the colours every time you shower!

3 – The cutest bath robe!

No here I am really getting excited.. Got this cool bath robe I just ordered from Ali Express and can’t wait for it to arrive! It comes in several colours (I ordered the grey one) and you should just see for yourselves how pretty it is: (If you want it simply click on the images!)

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