Village Road Soapery- THE best Place To Get handmade Soaps!

Hey there my ladies!
Today i found this cool Etsy store that sells the most amazing body products ever!

The Village Road Soapery Etsy Store

The Village Road Soapery is a store dedicated to handmade body products like soap bars, sugar scrubs, hand scrubs, lotion bars and so much more! The store owner, Cynthia, is sending her handmade goods from Temecula, CA, USA, and they are truly a treat to the body! Her handmade items contain natural ingredients like essential oils and vitamins, and are shipped world wide! The store is actually a small family business… And as Cynthia manages the sales and marketing, her son, mom and sister are the ones who pitch in for the craft. Their emphasis is on 100% natural solutions, and a cruelty free product line.
Here are the 4 products I loved the most from her store:

The Bath Bomb

Cynthia’s handmade bath bombs would be the perfect way to celebrate a long day. Just make yourself a bath and fill it with her Paraben-Free bombs for a relaxing and cooling effect. Enriched with organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin E and other natural ingredients- you could have fun while knowing you are using products that are natural and not industrial.

A Bar Of Lotion

I loved this idea of a lotion bar, simply cause I hate having lotion all over my hands after moisturizing myself. Just have a look at how amazing it is and you’d understand why I am so enthusiastic about it!

The Cleansing Oil

Village Road Soapery has the best cleansing oil called Clarity Tea Tree Facial Oil. It could be used a face cleanser or as a makeup remover, and the amount provided in one bottle would be sufficient for about 2 months of facial cleansing and cleaning!

Scrub Me With Sugar!

Don’t you just love body scrubs?
For me, finding a good body scrub was a game changer… In shaving! Try it for yourselves- use body scrub on your legs prior to shaving, remove your dead skin with it, and shave after that… Your legs would be smoother than ever!

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