Ready for the beach: How to get rid of fat and get ready for the beach?

Ready for the beach

Ready for the beach; how to lose weight effectively? Do you want to go on holiday to the sea and need to get rid of fat quickly? Find out the personal training and nutrition strategy for beach builders. Today, many people understand that to lose weight; it is first necessary to change the nutrition plan. In addition, you should start training, and as a result, you will be satisfied with the effect obtained. It is believed that a properly designed nutrition plan will give you 80 percent of a beautiful body. The training component of this process is the remaining 20 percent.

How to lose weight effectively and be ready for the beach?

In the difficult task of fighting fat, your best ally will be your diet. However, the idea of a diet should not be confused with a hunger strike. Hunger cannot make you more attractive, and you should remember this. Let’s look at how to get rid of fat and get ready for the beach.

Finding a starting point

Since for weight loss, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of the diet so that we consume less energy than we expend, we need to find a starting point. There are two ways here. One is intended for people who love precision in everything, and the other is very simple and does not require much time from you.

So, let’s look at the first way to determine the starting point. To do this, you must eat in the same order during the week and write down everything you have eaten. Now you don’t need to select products separately; you will do this in the future.

After that, you need to calculate the energy value of your daily diet and the percentage of the primary nutrients in it. It is clear. For this, you must use unique reference books and first calculate the energy value of the diet for each day, reducing the average calorie value.

The second method, as we said, is straightforward; you have to use the average formulas:

  • Men – weight x 2.20462262 x 15.
  • Girls – weight x 2.20462262 x 14.

Calculation of the required calorie content

The energy values ​​obtained from the above calculations must be reduced by 10 percent. It will be the calorie content that will allow you to burn fat. For example, your daily calorie content is 3 thousand. 10 percent of this number will be 300 calories. Thus, the energy value of the diet for weight loss should be 2700 calories.

How to spread calories throughout the day?

To lose weight, you don’t just need to eat food that contains calories within the limits you’ve set for yourself, but do it right. First, you must switch to fractional meals and eat at least six times daily. Then you should distribute the nutrients correctly within the required energy value. The percentage of protein molecules in your diet should be 20-30%, carbohydrates-50-60%, and fats-10-20%.

It is also necessary to distribute the total calories for the whole day as follows:

> 8.00 – 20 %.

> 10.00 – 15 %

> 12.00 – 15 %.

> 15.00 – 15 %.

> 17.00 – 15 %.

> 19.00 – 15 %.

> 21.00 – 5 %.

Choose the mealtime that suits you. You can also change the percentage of calories, but they should be 3 to 5 percent. At the same time, it is not worth adding calories after 18.00, but you can during the day.

At the same time, these recommendations do not apply to those who train at night since you need a lot of nutrients to recover. Also, note that you can eat after 4 p.m. Moreover, it is necessary to do this, but eat only foods that contain protein mixtures.

Ready for the beach
Ready for the beach

What is in the fat-burning nutrition plan?

For the first twenty days, you should exclude foods that do not have high nutritional value from the new nutrition plan.

 Your body won’t even notice. It might look like this:

  • From 1 to 7 days – remove the tomato sauce and mayonnaise. We start seasoning the salads not with sour cream but with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil.
  • From 8 to 14 days – we exclude sweets, sugary carbonated drinks, and baked goods. Instead of table sugar, we switch to using substitutes and omit them.
  • From 15 to 20 days – stop drinking alcohol.

Of course, it is tough for some people to give up various goodies. If you can’t overcome yourself, stop using the diet, as you need a lot of willpower, which you don’t seem to have. It would help if you stopped eating fried food for the next seven days (21 to 28). It goes for everything, including scrambled eggs. From now on, only boiled dishes and those that are steamed should be consumed.

The final step is to switch to using the correct nutritional ratios. Also, note that you should use only slow carbohydrates and vegetable fats. It is also worth using complexes of vitamins and minerals since you can lack these substances due to nutritional deficiencies.

It is permissible to allow yourself a little freedom once a week to eat chocolate or biscuits. But you cannot overestimate these products. Remember the importance of fiber, which is found in vegetables. Should consume at least 25 grams of plant fiber throughout the day. Since you need to eat a lot of vegetables to get this norm, that not everyone can do it, you can use medicinal preparations.

Water is the basis of life, and you must drink at least two liters. Now we are talking about simple drinking water, not juice or milk. And don’t be hungry. If you have this feeling, eat egg whites.

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