6 Ways To Improve Oral Health

6 Ways To Improve Oral Health

I have been obsessed with my teeth for as long as I can remember. I always wanted them to be perfect and was reading about ways to make them healthier… Here’s what I learned 6 ways to improve oral health:

1- Don’t Hurt Yourself Brushing

A lot of people tend to brush their teeth really strong thinking that this is going to take out all the dirt. You must feel comfortable when brushing your teeth, with a toothbrush that is in the right size for you, and that is soft enough for your gums.

2 – Use Mouth Wash

All the time! You have no idea what a game changer that is. Carrying a small mouth wash with you will make sure you will always feel fresh and have a good smell coming out of your mouth. These days you can find small mouth wash bottles everywhere. Don’t feel weird walking with one. I used to feel weird having it in my back, but once I started using it- I couldn’t remember how I went without.

3 – Use Teeth Protectors When Engaging Sport Activities

If you are into any kind of violent/ball sport- use teeth protectors. You really don’t want to finish a game or a match with a cracked tooth- or worse- a broken one.

4 – Take Your Hands Out Of Your Mouth!!

It’s a but embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. A lot of women these days, me included, stuff our fingers in our mouths all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve washed your hands five minutes ago… If you’ve touched anything after that- your hands are not going anywhere in your mouth sister!

5 – Don’t Smoke

Smoking kills. We all know that thanks to the huge warnings on cigarette packages. But it’s not only your body that smoke can kill… But also your oral hygiene. As smoking literally sets your mouth on fire- it is accompanied with a bad odor, brown spots on your teeth, and their general weakening.

6 Ways To Improve Oral Health
6 Ways To Improve Oral Health

6 – Follow A Dentist Blog

As technology is progressing I found that it’s easier to get lost in the commotion. That’s why I have my list of several blogs I follow, 1-2 in each industry and field of interest. When it comes to my teeth I like to follow Las Vegas Braces. Their blog is super cool, easy to understand and will give you tips on how to stay healthy and have spotless teeth! With 4 dental specialists, Las Vegas Braces is considered to be one of the best clinics for dental care in Las Vegas.

** I am not a doctor, a dentist or an orthodontist. Everything I wrote here is based on my personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice **

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