7 Tips For Wearing A Coloured Mascara

Black goes with everything, that’s why most mascaras are black. But not all of them… (Featured picture credit to RedOnline)

I was always a big fan of coloured mascaras. After I ordered my first pink mascara from eBay and realised I looked like a clown I found Bourjois’ mascara in the perfect shade of blue and got addicted.

So if you too are a fan of coloured eyelashes- here are a few tips that would made you look better wearing them:

Take Into Account Your Eye Colour

Having a green mascara might seem like the coolest idea ever to some women, but if you have blue eyes- that might clash. Make sure that your eye colour and your mascara colour are colours you would combine in normal everyday life regardless of makeup. (Picture from Lee Castillio Blog)

Take Into Consideration Your Skin Type

If you have dark skin- a light colour mascara would stick out more than it would on a lighter woman. Try to imagine your face as a canvas… If you have a white canvas- whichever colour you use would look good. If you have a dark canvas, or a yellowish canvas, your colour selection is different.

Also consider freckles and acne. If you have any of those, and choose not to cover them with foundation makeup (Cause that should be a choice and not a given assumption) than stay away from red mascaras. They would only emphasis your acne. (Picture from AllWomensTalk)

Think Twice About Your Eyeliner

Sometimes we were our makeup on auto-pilot… We have our base, our blush, our eyeshadows, mascara and liner. But when you change one colour in the mix, one that used to be black- think about the clashing between that and the existing makeup… Get out of the auto pilot!

If you decided on a coloured mascara try an eyeliner in the same colour- just a different tone. Or even go without an eyeliner!


Wearing a coloured mascara is like a statement of some sort, but that statement doesn’t have to cover both your lower and upper eyelashes. You can colour your upper eyelashes with blue, while living the bottoms black, or even a darker shade of blue (Or vice-versa) If your goal is to look creative and different- the 50/50 trick will give you just that.
(Plus, if your lower eyelashes will stay black it would make it easier for you to use a black pencil on them.) Picture from Scrangie.

Fit The Colour To Where You Are Going

If you are working at a law firm and heading for trial today- wearing a green mascara might not be the best idea. Although I am always down with self expression- I will choose to look professional. Heading for a crazy party? By all means, make your lashes green!

Don’t Clash With Your Hair

Like I said, I had the perfect blue mascara. I had dark purple hair and my skin tone is slightly pale, I never used eye shadows and had a dark blue liner, so a blue mascara blended in just fine.

One day I changed my hair colour to red. That day a colleague of mine took me a side for a smoke break and told me the harsh truth:
“Maya, I have always loved your unique style, and I like that you use a bit of makeup, but… You coloured your hair to red- the blue mascara just gotta go”. And she was right.

Your mascara colour needs to also match your hair colour. Blond girls using a green mascara (Or orange) could look a bit too bright, so if you have bright hair you might want to consider a brown or blue mascara. Or even purple. For black haired girls, since black is neutral, choosing a mascara would always be easier.

Prefer Low Volume

A strong mascara colour, one that’s more unique than black and stands out, will take over your look. Unless you have very fragile lashes that have NO volume- you don’t need t add attention to your instant attention maker!

Picture from Showbit.com.

Wanting to look unique is one thing- but choosing a mascara colour that doesn’t suit you, just cause you like it, is totally different.

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