European Made Cruelty-Free Soap Bars & Vegan Soap Gifts

It’s already known that the soap bars you’ll find in the store, as much as they may smell good, are not always good for your skin. With dangerous chemicals in every corner of the cosmetics world- more and more people want to get their soaps- handmade and with no SLS.

The best place to get handmade soaps that are made with love instead of with chemicals- is on Etsy!
The online mall for handmade items, and the home of shops like MrsGreenMarket!

MrsGreenMarket Etsy shop is a special new boutique for handmade soaps… However, on top of being SLS-free, MrsGreenMarket’s soap bars are completely vegan!

What was once a trade is now an art form- with people around the world getting more and more creative with their soap bars! On that front- MrsGreenMarket is also a great place to find vegan gift ideas or handmade soap bar sets- all looking so good you almost want to eat them!

If you like what you’ve seen here so far- I am happy to say there is much more to see!
the shop ships to Europe (including non-EU countries). To see if your country is included- check the shop or contact the seller via the Etsy msg board!

Just go to MrsGreenMarket Etsy shop
and find out more about vegan soap gifts !

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