Concealer: How to choose the best concealer

choose the best concealer

Concealer; how to choose the best? Eye concealer is a complete unit from the actual contents of a woman’s cosmetic bag. Despite one practical task, the range of concealers is in no way inferior to, for example, a foundation cream. We’ll talk about how to choose your concealer later.

Concealer is a cosmetic contouring agent, the field of application of which is the visual elimination of minor defects and inaccuracies on the skin of the face. Concealers quickly hide age spots, blemishes, irritation, dark circles under the eyes, and expression lines. There are several types of concealer release, and as a result, the destination area is different.

Species covered

Various types of concealer release are used to hide skin imperfections. For example, the concealer pencil is designed to color small pimples; the liquid formula optimally balances skin tone under the eyes and redness in the wings of sinusitis. Concealers are also sold in palettes with several shades. They are considered a universal product to even out the tone of any part of the face with a professional brush or sponge.

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer is a foundation for hiding imperfections in thin skin areas. It is applied to the point or with a unique tool (brush, sponge). It is sold in ergonomic packaging in the form of a miniature tube or a plastic case with a brush (similar to the packaging for lip gloss).

If you don’t know how to use concealer, follow the instructions:

  • Wash your face and clean with tonic.
  • Apply foundation all over the face.
  • Open the concealer and put a few dots (3-5 pcs.) of harmonious tones on the area under the eyes.
  • Blend in the concealer with your middle and ring fingers, then blend thoroughly with the brush.
  • Mask the location of ​​each eye separately so that the concealer does not have time to dry – this is an uneven distribution.

Eye concealer

Eye concealers should be chosen very carefully, considering their unique features. For age-related skin changes, buying a concealer with a heavier texture is better. It is necessary to fill in localized wrinkles. For sensitive skin, you need to choose a hypoallergenic concealer. There are also anti-bacterial camouflages.

Remember, those expensive cosmetics are not always high quality. But quality is not valued cheap either. 

Know that the best concealer is the one that suits your skin type and color and fits the price. If you rarely use complex makeup, you don’t need to buy a product that combines tone and skin care. However, do not neglect safety measures and choose a trusted and recommended brand.

For sophisticated skin

If you don’t know how to choose a concealer that works for problem skin, first figure out what the problem is:

  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics of this type;
  • Unhealthy color;
  • The presence of numerical imperfections (bubbles, wrinkles, deep bruises, etc.);
  • Swelling or frequent swelling.

The term “problem skin” often means painful skin that cannot tolerate high-quality cosmetics and becomes covered with irritation. If the problem is allergies, try to avoid unnecessary cosmetics altogether. When buying concealer, choose a product labeled “hypoallergenic.” Choose a product with a denser structure with reflective particles to hide imperfections.

Concealer colors

Think the concealer palette looks powdery? Not at all. The task of the concealer is to hide the flaw on the skin as much as possible and to neutralize the accent of the imperfection on the face. Therefore, the color selection is quite versatile. It is believed that masking the area is necessary with the opposite color. For example, it can hide blue-purple circles under the eyes with a yellow or orange-peach glow. It can neutralize greenish marks on the skin with an orange or red concealer.

Yellow concealer

A yellow concealer will brighten any skin tone and even out the tone. It is considered an excellent shade, and the intended purpose of such a product is to neutralize the purple and blue signs of fatigue on the skin of the face.

It isn’t easy to buy such a product separately; it is often sold as part of a palette in a series of covers in other colors. Professional makeup artists mainly use it to create a flawless look. If you have the opportunity to buy such a set, be sure that you will have enough of it until the closing date.

Cover plate

The concealer panel is sold in palettes and contains a maximum of 20 shades, which is quite enough to shape the area around the eyes and the entire face.

Let’s quickly look at the practical task of each color:

  • Beige and natural shades hide skin discoloration and pimples and adjust vision.
  • A yellow subtone masks dark under-eye areas and neutralizes blues.
  • Dark maroon colors are used to shape the face and nose.
  • Pink and purple concealer visually hides yellow and green on the skin.
  • The green color is essential to deal with red spots and pimples.
  • White shapes the face with blush and hide freckles.
choose the best concealer
choose the best concealer

TOP best hide

In the opinion of the best secret lawyers, makeup artists boldly add the products of online distributors. Why? Because there are women who use such products successfully and do not distinguish an expensive brand from a mass market product. So we will not base them according to their position because there is no definite opinion on this topic, not to mention a laboratory that can confirm or deny the grade.

Check out famous brands and average prices:

  • Armani – an expensive and proven brand for years. Concealer hides wrinkles and erases blue, which belongs to the category of luxury cosmetics.
  • Artdeco – a budget option with an abundance of shades. There are products on a waterproof base.
  • Avon – the concealer of this company copes well with wrinkles around the eyes, and it is cheap.
  • Lumene – judging by the reviews on the Internet, this company’s concealer perfectly smooths out imperfections. It succeeds 100% in hiding the dark areas around the eyes.
  • Maximum coefficient – an excellent remedy with the effect of a detailed conspiracy on defects and healing properties.
  • Dior – the original is sold only in a brand store or on the manufacturer’s official website, which determines. This foresight is indicative of many things.
  • Loreal – excellent and affordable cosmetics
  • Letual – in demand, good, many positive reviews, and characterized by: “melting structure will not leave a single possibility of imperfection.”
  • Maybelin – is one of the few that can use after laser facial resurfacing. And it will cost you cheap.
  • Q10 – only suitable for women over 40. The main task is to fill out expression lines.
  • Bobbi brown – expensive but good. In addition to its intended purpose, it gently cares for the skin around the eyes. It maintains water balance for a long time.
  • Garnier – falls into the top 10 leaders of the cosmetics industry.


Choose an eye concealer based on your skin type and age group. If you prefer flawless makeup, buy a palette but always have all kinds of liquid concealers in your makeup bag. Don’t focus on brands. Testers are often on the shelves – take the opportunity to test a concealer to see if it is compatible with your skin. Buy only expensive products with brands on the manufacturer’s website or in a store where counterfeiting is excluded. The price is lower than at a representative’s.

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