The French Manicure

The French Manicure

A lot of people (Well, women) wonder where did the French manicure got its name from. We all call it the French Mani, but did you ever take a second to look it up in Google and see what’s so French about it?

Did French Manicure Really Come From France?

The common belief is that the French Manicure style was introduced for the first time in Paris by Max Factor around the 1930’s. However, that style and nail design only started showing signs of a true trend 40 years later!!.

Jeff Pink, the owner of Orly company, noticed a problem when working on movie sets. The year was 1970, and the movie industry had a serious problem. Whenever an actress changed her clothes for a different scene, the makeup artist/manicurist had to replace her nail polish colour, to have it match the new outfit. That’s when Jeff suggested to give the actress a one look, combining two neutral colours, that would fit any outfit colour the actress would need to wear.

As the movie industry has a huge part of setting trends, especially in the 1970’s with no internet (Or nail bloggers), this nail colouring technique was an overnight success. Jeff Pink later on brought this idea with him to France, and did the same with models on the runways. And that’s when the term “French Manicure” was created.

Do French Women Get A French Manicure?

Actually? No.
In France, most beauty salons call this style “American Nails”, due to the fact that the majority of women asking for it are American, and not French. Most French women prefer a clear colour on their nails, using just a buffer or a clean coat nail varnish.

How To Get A French Manicure – Tutorial

Help Yourself With A French Manicure Kit!

As I was strolling through Etsy I saw this cool store called French Tip Dip. This cool store is selling kits that would significantly make it easier for you to get yourself! The kits are shipped worldwide from Nevada, USA.

The French Manicure
The French Manicure

The kits, starting from $9.95 are easy to use and understand, and to be honest… They kinda made me want to get my nails done! If you want the kit- simply click on the image!

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