These 3 Natural Ingredients Will Keep Your Skin Healthy…

If you are anything like most of the women in the world you want 2 things for your skin- for it to look great and feel healthy. Having a great looking skin is not all that difficult… There are so many cosmetic products out there that will make your skin look radiant and amazing… But most of them contain dangerous chemicals that will destroy your skin if you use them on a daily/weekly basis.
Nature gave us 3 magical ingredients, who help moist our skin, heal it and leave it with a wonderful scent. Those 3 magic ingredients are: Lavender oil, Olive oil and Shea butter.

These natural oils can help our skin heal faster, take care of scars, fight ageing and facial spots, help us create a more even skin tone and more. Applying these 3 ingredients might be complicated due to the very oily feeling of both the lavender and olive oils… But there are so many products that contain these ingredients inside them!

I searched the big-bad-web for a product that contains these 3 magical ingredients, but doesn’t contain any chemicals, and found a cute little Etsy store by the name of Malkah Cosmetics. The store sells natural cosmetics from the beautiful northern area of Israel. I took a special look at the store’s face and neck cream- containing my desired ingredients:

Check it out and let me know how you feel after a week of using this amazing natural combination of health and skin care!

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