Intimate area: Shave your intimate area

Shave your intimate area

Intimate area; how to shave smoothly? To avoid severe irritation that often occurs after shaving the intimate area, you need to know the difficulty of performing this delicate procedure. Perfectly smooth skin is the cherished dream of every girl, and today there are various methods used to get rid of unwanted hair. To remove hair in the intimate area, you can use a simple razor and other ways.

Ways to eliminate hair in the intimate area

Today, several standard methods can help solve the problem of unwanted hair.


This method turned out to be the most popular among girls, as it is affordable, does not require additional costs, can be used at any time, quickly helps to achieve the desired results, and does not cause unpleasant, painful sensations.

Special razors have been developed with 2-5 blades and a unique strip impregnated with a moisturizing ointment. This kind of razor is a pleasure to use. In just a few minutes, the skin will be smooth and soft. The balm list moisturizes and soothes the skin well so that irritation usually does not occur.

The main advantage of this method is that it can easily apply it independently at home.


You need a particular cosmetic product heated to the appropriate temperature for this procedure. One of the main advantages of this method is that after hair loss, there is no irritation to the skin. There is, of course, no hair growth if the procedure is performed correctly.

Choose this particular method of dealing with unwanted vegetation. You will have to endure a little – wax is very painful. This method is strictly prohibited for women suffering from wax allergies.

Usually, waxing is performed in a beauty salon, as it is difficult to control the quality of the skin’s smoothness independently. Can obtain maximum softness if shugaring is performed.

Drying with a particular device

There are a large number of different bikini cleaners on the market today. The hair is pulled out by the roots, which increases the time between treatments. However, this technique has one serious drawback – the hair must have a particular length for its implementation.

This method is quite painful; simultaneously, the hair becomes thinner and thinner with each of its forms. Therefore it is much easier to remove it. Over time, epilation will feel less painful.

Depilatory cream for intimate area

It is the easiest way to choose a product that is ideal for your skin type. As a rule, most of them have been specially designed for sensitive skin.

These creams contain certain substances that slow down hair growth. An allergy test is recommended before using the product.

Laser cleaning for the bikini area

This procedure almost does not cause unpleasant, painful sensations; it lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Laser cleaning is one of the hardware cosmetic products that should only be performed by an experienced professional. It is quite an expensive pleasure, and not everyone can afford it.

Photographic change in the bikini area

This method will help eliminate hair in the sensitive area in just a few treatments. Removing the hair will take about 10 sessions; there should be a short break between them (about 2 months). But the result is worth the effort and time.

Shave your intimate area
Shave your intimate area

How to shave the bikini area with a razor?

Today, the razor is the cheapest and most popular way to eliminate unwanted hair. However, it does not provide long-lasting results. In addition, many women cannot endure the painful sensations of seizures in the intimate area.

To prevent irritation and cuts, there are a few simple rules you need to follow when shaving your bikini area:

  • You need to choose the appropriate engine. It would help if you did not use simple machines widely advertised on TV because they were designed to work with smooth and wide surfaces and very carefully in the immediate area. If used in a sensitive area, the extra restraint on the blades can block your view and risk getting a cut.
  • It is worth stopping using standard disposable machines, as they have a sharp blade, so irritation or cuts can occur.
  • Be sure to use gel or foam. You can also purchase a customized product while shaving your bikini area. The remedy men use daily is also ideal, but you only need to choose for sensitive skin.
  • Shave hair strictly in the direction of growth, not against it. It not only avoids irritation but also prevents ingrown hairs.
  • You must stretch the skin a little but not too much to avoid injuring yourself during the shave.
  • After the shaving procedure, an aftershave cream or gel must be applied to the shaved skin. It soothes irritated skin.
  • Do not put on underwear immediately, as the skin needs to breathe.
  • It is recommended to shave the bikini area before going to bed.

You have mastered the rules listed above for shaving the immediate area. You can minimize the risk of irritation and get perfectly smooth skin.

To avoid inflammation, it is worth following simple preventive measures:

  • It is worth starting the shaving procedure about half an hour after a hot bath, as the skin should evaporate.
  • When shaving, be sure to use a special gel that softens the movement of the blades, which in turn reduces pressure on the skin.
  • Suppose precise hair styling is done during shaving, and disposable machines are used for that purpose. In that case, you must change them at least after 3 procedures. Leaves tend to die and wear off quickly. Several dangerous bacteria also accumulate on their surface.
  • If you use an electric shaver, you should treat it with a disinfectant before each operation.
  • If hair is shaved against its growth, there is a risk of ingrown hairs under the skin, which in turn causes severe inflammation. Therefore, must carry out all hygiene procedures strictly by hair growth.

How to remove irritation in the bikini area quickly

If there is intense skin irritation after every shave, you need to give it up for a while. Sometimes, you will have to resort to other means of removing unwanted vegetation.

Suppose the first signs of skin irritation appear. In that case, you should immediately apply a small amount of alcohol to the inflamed areas, which will not only remove all bacteria but also help to narrow the enlarged pores.

Instead of alcohol, you can also use simple hydrogen peroxide. It is worth remembering that if peroxide gets on the mucous membrane, there is a risk of burning. To avoid this, you must work quickly and very carefully. You can use an anti-allergenic or simple baby cream to moisturize the skin.

You can also use the following methods:

  • A clean towel is moistened with hot water and applied directly to the bikini area. The duration of the procedure is no more than 10 minutes. It is easy to remove inflammation during this time, but the high temperature destroys all bacteria.
  • Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties. In 1 pc. l. a few drops of tea tree oil are dissolved in sunflower or olive oil, and the resulting mixture is applied directly to the bikini area.
  • The most straightforward baby powder will also help to remove inflammation.
  • You need to take a fresh leaf of the plant, wash it with cold water, remove all sharp edges, and cut the leaf lengthwise. Apply the resin to the site of irritation.

Hydrocortisone ointment helps against inflammation, but frequent use of this drug is strictly prohibited as it can cause addiction. Therefore, the treatment effect is reduced. It is a hormonal ointment, and with regular use, there is a chance of painful sores and blisters.

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