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Weightlifting; what is the technique? Do you want a strong back like a weight lifter? Then find out how they train their back muscles and why they spend so much time on hypertrophy. Hypertrophies are very often used by girls when working on the butt muscles. However, hypertrophy can also be effective in weightlifting. The movement effectively works out the rectal muscles of the back, buttocks, and hip flexors. With the systematic use of this movement, you can perfectly prepare your body for heavy loads and reduce the risk of spinal cord and tendon injuries. Let’s look at how to use hypertension correctly in weightlifting.

There are only two types of exercises:

  • Straight – the upper half of the body is bent.
  • The opposite – only legs rise.

Today, you can find simulators for performing hypertrophy in almost every gym. It is adjustable in height and can be used for athletes of different sizes. You can usually complete this exercise at home; only the presence of desire and one flat surface is essential.

High-Pressure Lifting Techniques for Weightlifting

You must first install the machine correctly. The top rolls should be slightly below the body fold line. On the other hand, the lower vertebrae are located just above the Achilles.

Once the installation is complete, you should lie face down and rest on the top rollers. Rest your feet on the platform or, if there are lower rollers, secure your feet under them. Bend your knees slightly and hold them in this position until the end of the set.

In the starting position, the back and legs should be in a straight line, and the back should be slightly rounded. Tilt your torso to about 60 degrees, then return to the starting position. At the top of the track, pause for a second or two. It is necessary to exhale during the ascent and inhale when you descend. It is also essential to perform the movement more slowly.


Hypertension for the gluteus muscles

To emphasize the load on the glutes, you need to stretch them throughout the set. As you descend, twist your back to transfer the load to your butt. It is the main nuance of performing the exercise for girls who want to make their buttocks more attractive. To make it easier to keep your back rounded, lower your head.

Reverse technique for hypertrophy

It’s also not a difficult move from a technical standpoint. It will help if you lay your stomach on the bench so that your legs and hips hang off it but do not touch the floor. Bring your shoulder blades together and place your hands on the side of the bench. Begin to lift your legs, inhaling until they form a straight line with your body. Pause in this position, squeeze your glutes and return to the starting position.

Common mistakes in hyperextension training

Hypertension is considered a safe exercise, but some athletes manage to injure themselves while doing it.

To avoid this, consider the most common errors:

  • The body descends at an angle of more than 90 degrees.
  • There is a curve in the upper position of the track.
  • The body sways up and down.
  • Arms and legs are not positioned correctly.
  • Large weights are used.


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