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Skin elasticity: How to restore skin elasticity?

Skin elasticity

Skin elasticity and firmness, causes of skin drying and aging, ways and methods to restore their elasticity, and simple rules for maintaining health and beauty. Skin elasticity is its natural ability to maintain shape after a mechanical operation. Elasticity, on which the appearance of the human body and face depends, is characterized by the speed with which the dermis takes its original shape after mechanical treatment, such as pressing and pulling. There are many reasons this ability is broken. Still, the result is almost always the same: the skin becomes flabby, ugly, and looks much older. It is sometimes difficult to cope with such changes, but accepting them is even more difficult. Therefore, people who seek to preserve their beauty and youth choose an active fight against the causes and use a lot of safe ways to do so.

Why does it lose skin elasticity?

Loss of skin elasticity occurs at different ages for each person. But taking into account the physiology, it can note that women are more prone to weakening elasticity than men. However, there are many other reasons besides gender.

It should note that in the system for maintaining cell tone, the leading role is played by particular proteins, namely collagen, and elastin. Among their functions are the maintenance of wall density and the adhesion of cells to adipose tissue. Impaired activity or lack of these proteins makes the body flabby and unattractive. It is known that the human body can make them on its own. Still, this ability is lost under certain conditions.

The main reasons for a decrease in skin elasticity are as follows:

  • Aging … With age, the body’s natural ability to synthesize protein is slowly but surely lost, as seen on the skin.
  • Dramatic weight loss … With rapid weight loss, cells do not have time to adapt, and protein fibers do not have time to contract. It leads to inevitable skin shedding. In this case, there is no need to talk about tonus. Experienced nutritionists do not recommend resorting to aggressive weight loss, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition. Rapid weight gain leads to a breakdown of the skin’s structure and the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Dehydration of the body … It appears when an insufficient amount of fluid is consumed, after chronic infectious diseases in the digestive tract, due to prolonged exposure to the hot sun. Lack of water in the body leads to the destruction of cells.
  • Bad habits … Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs poison the body, thus contributing to metabolic diseases and blocking the absorption of valuable products, causing a disruption in the formation of intracellular proteins essential for the skin’s elasticity.
  • Sun exposure … In addition to dehydration, being under the sun without protective equipment (clothing, sunscreen) opens the way to harmful UV rays. The solarium has the same negative effect.
  • Inadequate care … The skin needs to be constantly cleansed, where it is best to use safe hygiene products and clean water. In summer, the skin also needs moisture and nourishment.
  • The influence of the environment … People who live in polluted areas are more susceptible to premature skin aging due to poor environmental conditions, which contribute to the lack of nutrients in the body. It also includes low-quality food products.
  • Chronic diseases … Sometimes, the formation of collagen and elastin worsens with the development of certain conditions in the nervous system, endocrine system, blood vessels, heart, and digestive system.

Properly selected methods and procedures do not always give 100% results because it also depends on the unique characteristics of each person’s organism.

What products to use for firmness and elasticity of the skin

The first step in restoring the skin to its former elasticity should be to eliminate the causes that caused it to disappear. It is about stopping bad habits, standardizing nutrition and lifestyle, and maintaining a stable weight. However, it is impossible to fight age and change genes. In this case, it is necessary to try to correct the state of health and in every possible way help the skin to function normally. In this challenging work, various cosmetics and procedures come to the rescue. Let’s consider the options in more detail.

Skin firming cream

When choosing a cream for skin elasticity in a store, please pay attention to its presence in the composition of such vital components as retinol and carotene, which are transformed into vitamin A inside the body, as well as vitamins E and C, which have a positive effect on the skin. These ingredients can also be used when making homemade mixes. Such creams will differ in natural composition and safety in use.

There are many recipes. Let’s describe the most effective of them:

  • Citrus cream … Place beeswax (20 g) and cocoa butter (40 ml) in a heat-resistant dish and place in a water bath. Stir until completely dissolved. After removing from heat, add carrot seed oil (4 drops) and glycerin (20 ml). After a homogeneous mass is formed, without stopping stirring, the rest of the ingredients are added in small portions: lemon oil (10 drops), a mixture of two oils – soy and apricot kernel (50 ml).
  • Chocolate cream … All ingredients – dark chocolate (30 g), cocoa butter (1 tablespoon), natural Honey (50 g), lanolin (40 g) – are placed in a water bath and melted until the mixture is homogeneous, then cooled. The product is stored in a cool place without access to light. The frequency of use is 1-2 times a day.
  • Mummy cream … Baby cream (50 ml) is placed in a convenient container to stir. Add 2 tablets of mum and let dissolve. After that, there is a risk of unpleasant aromas forming with essential oils. It is best to take 10 drops each of orange and juniper oil and 2 to 5 drops of cinnamon oil. Be careful with the last ingredient because it gives off quite a pungent smell. After thorough mixing, the cream is ready.

You can apply such creams daily after pre-cleansing the skin. It is easier than applying the cream to problem areas, allowing it to absorb for 1-2 minutes fully, and continuing with your daily activities. Using the cream with massaging movements is recommended, which helps improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Strengthening masks

Strengthening masks are products produced in laboratories and homemade mixtures designed to improve the skin’s condition significantly. Everyone decides for himself which option suits him best.

Ready-made masks can be quick-acting, or they can be helpful after continuous use for some time. Others recommend using it continuously at specific intervals, for example, every 2-4 days.

At home, it is almost impossible to reproduce the exact composition of ready-made masks that cosmetic stores offer us. However, this has its plus: ready-made mixtures cannot boast a completely natural and safe design. And homemade masks are rarely ready for future use, so there is no need to use preservatives that extend the shelf life.

Simple but beneficial products and ingredients are used when preparing homemade mixes. Homemade masks often contain vegetable oils, Honey, yeast, oatmeal, fruit, and more.

Popular recipes for toning body masks:

  • Coffee mask … To cook, take 1 tbsp. A coffee mass formed after brewing natural ground coffee, 1 tsp. Sugar and 2 tbsp. Olive oil. After mixing thoroughly, the mixture is applied to the problem area and left for 15 minutes. You can combine the application with massage, then gently rub small coffee particles on the skin. The frequency of application is 1 time in 7-10 days.
  • Coconut honey mask … Thoroughly mixed ingredients, namely Honey, oatmeal, and coconut milk, taken in equal proportions, is applied to clean skin. Stand for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The procedure ends by rinsing the body with cold water.
  • Yeast (20 g), cream (50 g), and Honey (50 g) are mixed until smooth and applied to the skin. The exposure time is up to 30 minutes. You can also add essential oils such as verbena or geranium to the mixture.
  • Clay mask … Clay (100 g) is diluted with water until a mill is formed. Then mix coffee grounds (40 g) and add orange essential oil (10 drops). After use, for a more significant effect, can wrap the treated areas with foil.

Masks are most often used in courses with a specific period between actions. They are most effective when the skin is carefully prepared (cleansing, massaging, and steaming). Remove each mixture from the skin after exposure, which usually lasts 10 to 30 minutes.

Skin firming oil

Many beneficial natural oils are included in creams, masks, and other ready-made mixtures. Still, at the same time, they have considered completely sustainable means that can improve the skin’s condition and increase its elasticity and density.

The basis of the composition is vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, and many biologically active substances. All these substances provide such valuable properties as improving cell metabolism, stimulating the process of regeneration and formation of beneficial substances, strengthening cell membranes, preventing oxidation processes, normalizing water balance, and increasing the ability to remove harmful substances from cells.

Among the many types of oils, the most effective in the fight against early aging are the following: almond, wheat germ, peach, apricot, avocado, borage, walnut, garcinia Indian, castor, and rice. Most oils have almost no contraindications because they are natural products, but individual intolerance is possible.

Here are some recipes for making complex oils for skin softness:

  • Recipe number 1 … The composition contains almond seed oil (120 ml), avocado oil (80 ml), patchouli essential oil (10 drops), sandalwood (20 slides), and carrot seed (5 drops). All ingredients are mixed until smooth and placed in a container with a lid for long-term storage.
  • Recipe number 2 … contains the following oils: sesame (40 g), grapefruit (10 drops), sweet orange (7 drops), ginger (5 drops), cardamom (5 drops), and black pepper (3 drops). The auxiliary component is Cyclomethicone or a natural emollient (60 g). This mixture is considered a dry oil because it includes Cyclomethicone, which can fly from the treated surface.
  • Recipe number 3 … In this recipe, you should focus on the ratio of each ingredient and use a scale during the preparation process. It contains shea butter (46%), coconut butter (34%), mango butter (6%), cocoa butter (6%), starch (8%). The last ingredient removes the resulting mixture from stickiness, prevents deterioration, and allows you to feel airy on the skin. All oils are melted and mixed, and then starch is added. After the mixture has reached homogeneity, it is placed in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then beat with a mixer until light and thick mass is obtained to hold its shape. Such a composition has a long shelf life.

Most of the time, oils do not need to be rinsed off after texture, but waiting for them to be absorbed is necessary to improve the effectiveness and not stain bedding or clothes. They are traditionally used on cleansed skin. I can apply it daily. Does not give quick results. The effect is noticeable with long-term systematic use.

Skin elasticity
Skin elasticity

Skin tightening wraps

A body wrap is quite a popular skincare method. Recently, only carried out such procedures in the salons. Still, every day more and more girls prefer wrapping at home to save money and time.

The professional wrap is a procedure where a unique composition is applied to the client’s prepared skin. The treated areas of the body are wrapped in a cosmetic film. Packaging takes time and execution techniques. The exposure time is from 30 to 60 minutes. Preparation works best when warmed, so the client is placed in a warm room or wrapped in an extra blanket.

The compositions are different. The gel is applied directly to the skin. Liquids are diluted with water in the ratio specified by the manufacturer and act as impregnation for fabric wraps, which are used to wrap problem areas.

As mentioned before, you can wrap it at home. For this purpose, handmade products are used as preparations, which are of natural origin and can increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

As an example, here are some types of home remedies that are useful for the firmness and elasticity of the skin:

  • Mustard honey cover … According to the recipe, you need to take 30-40 g of dry mustard and stir in 20 ml of olive oil. Then add 40-50 ml of natural Honey. The mixture is carefully mixed on the skin (the most challenging areas are the abdomen and thighs) and tightly wrapped with foil, then wrapped in a blanket or warm clothes. The exposure time is up to half an hour. It is not recommended for sensitive skin—beneficial properties: cell reduction, skin elasticity restoration, and tissue regeneration acceleration.
  • Mustard clay wrap … The recipe is as follows: 60-80 g of mustard powder is mixed with 40 g of blue Clay, diluted with a small amount of warm water. Essential oils such as grapefruit, orange, rosemary, or lemon oil are used as additives. Processing is carried out according to general rules. The exposure time is 30 minutes.
  • Nettle wrap … Pre-dried and chopped nettle (40 g) are poured with water (200 ml). Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes over low heat. After complete cooling, the gauze is moistened in the broth, covered the problem area with it, and wrap it with a film and a warm blanket. The exposure time is 60 minutes.
  • Vinegar paper … To get a solution, you must mix the ingredients – water (200 ml) and vinegar 9% (20 ml). The gauze soaked in the solution is applied to the stomach and thighs, wrapped in foil and a warm blanket. The exposure time is 30 minutes.
  • The seaweed capsule … is considered the most effective. The one bought in a pharmacy (40 g) is poured with hot water and left to swell. Apply to problem areas and tissue. The exposure time is from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Horsetail dressing … Crushed plant leaves (300-400 g) are poured with boiling water (200 ml), and lemon juice (20 ml) is added. Requires 1 hour. Then the cloth or gauze is moistened with the solution, and areas of the body with loose skin and cellulite are wrapped. The exposure time is from 2 to 3 hours.
  • Wine paper with aloe … To prepare a mixture for 7 procedures, use 500 g of chopped aloe, 1 tsp. Honey, 200 ml of fortified wine. The exposure time can be long – up to 8 hours. The mixture retains all its valuable properties in a closed container in a cool place.
  • Raspberry wrap … Fresh or dry raspberry leaves (100 g) are used to prepare the solution. It should pour them with boiling water (400 ml). After a short infusion, Honey (200 ml) and lavender oil (20 drops) are added to the solution. The exposure time is 30-40 minutes.

At home, you can wear special shorts that have a sauna effect.

Don’t forget to take precautions to avoid allergic reactions or irritation. Treat your body with proper care and attention. Mustard powder poultices are very effective but can lead to burning and redness of the skin. After the procedure, treating the skin with a moisturizer is advisable. The length and number of wrapping stages depend on each individual’s goals and initial data. The most straightforward cases, when you need to maintain your body and shed some excess fat, require 3 to 5 procedures. More neglected – from 12 to 15 systems in three to five courses.

Restoring the elasticity of the skin with hydrotherapy

Water treatments are an integral part of your daily body care. They not only contribute to the cleansing of the skin but also have a positive effect, manifested in the activation of metabolic processes, the renewal of nutrients, the improvement of blood circulation, and the elimination of decay products. The skin renews itself, becomes softer, and at the same time maintains its elasticity.

Complex water methods, helpful in preserving the youth of the skin, can include several methods and techniques:

  • Cold and hot shower … After completing the ritual of cleansing the skin under warm water, it is necessary to perform a simple procedure – multiple rinsing of the body with hot and cold water. Moreover, the last stream must necessarily be complex. A temperature change perfectly stimulates all metabolic processes and tones the skin and the whole body. A contrast shower, applied for 30 days, will significantly improve the skin’s condition; the changes will be noticeable even by visual inspection. The skin becomes firmer, firmer, and smoother.
  • Massage while taking a bath … This treatment can be performed with a massage mitt and your favorite shower gel or by using a scrub, which contains not only abrasives that have a massaging effect but also various beneficial substances that penetrate deeper into the skin, causing that metabolism becomes normal, cells are restored, firmness and elasticity are increased. Can use the scrub 1-2 times a week. Avoid excessive handling, which can lead to scratches.
  • Body baths … In today’s hustle and bustle, most people want short-term showers and refuse to take a bath. A half-hour stays in clean water or adding valuable products will help moisturize skin cells and fight signs of aging.

There are many recipes for baths that are good for the skin. Here are some of them:

  • Milk and honey bath with rose oil … Honey (80-100 g) and rose oil (40 ml) is added to slightly warmed milk (1 glass). The resulting mixture is poured into a bath of water at a comfortable temperature. Procedure time – 30-40 minutes with the regular addition of warm water.
  • Herbal bath … Herbs are often saviors of many ailments, including premature aging and dry skin. For the recipe, ready-made herbal medicines are used, which can be bought in pharmacies, or you can collect herbs and dry them with your own hands. For the broth, take chamomile, sweet clover, birch leaves, and thyme in the amount of 5 g and calendula in the amount of 10 g. All ingredients are poured with boiling water for at least an hour. Add the finished broth to the water and take a bath. Mint, rose petals, oregano, and lemon balm are active in preserving youth.
  • Mineral baths … The main ingredient is heated carbonated mineral water. The more her concentration, the better. Instead of mineral water, you can use sea salt. Still, in addition to nutrition with micronutrients, it helps to dry the skin.
  • Mustard bath … A reasonably inexpensive option for maintaining youthful and healthy skin. Just 100 g of dry mustard added to water allows you to reduce weight, reduce puffiness, improve blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and give elasticity. Mustard is mixed with other ingredients, for example, with sea salt in a ratio of 1 to 3, i.e., take 100 g of mustard powder and 300 g of sea salt.

How to give skin elasticity: tips and tricks

The best way to give the skin firmness and elasticity is not to lose it but to keep it at the right level and minimize the factors that contribute to premature aging of the body and the skin in particular. These, as described earlier, include bad habits and diseases that must address. Other guidelines can help give skin elasticity.

What should be done to give the skin elasticity and prevent premature aging?

  • Watch your weight … Any sudden weight changes lead to worsening skin conditions. Do not resort to rigid diets; give up using unproven weight loss products.
  • Observe the regulation of work and rest … This rule ensures the constant good work of the whole organism.
  • Exercise … Sports are essential not only for health but also for beauty. The best physical activity normalizes all metabolic processes in the body, promotes the appearance of a beautiful body, and improves the skin’s elasticity.
  • Eat normally … A healthy diet includes many natural foods. The diet should always have cottage cheese, fish, lean meat, and other protein-rich foods. Don’t forget the benefits of vegetable oils and nuts.
  • Watch the drinking mood … Everyone has long known about the dangers of alcohol, and carbonated drinks, which should be excluded entirely from the diet. Tea, compost, and pure and mineral water are drinks that are beneficial for skin beauty.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays … Tanning is beautiful but also unsafe. The skin under UV rays quickly loses moisture and becomes dry and flabby.
  • Eat vitamin complexes … In addition to taking nutrients into the body through food and care products, one should consume vitamin complexes. It will surely speed up the achievement of desired results.
  • Solve the problem thoroughly … You cannot get quick and lasting results by choosing one method. It is always necessary to take action, especially since the methods and procedures in the industry are perfectly combined and significantly increase the impact.


Thanks to the riches of nature, it is easy to take care of your body and preserve beauty and youth. Now it is possible to perform all-new effective procedures, which were previously only possible within the walls of salons at home. You only need to pay attention to your health, take care of nature’s gifts and use them to the fullest to be beautiful.

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