Affordable Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry & Charms

The jewelry world has always been one to give us new and exciting trends… One of which is oil diffusing items! You can find online, mostly on Etsy, a lot of people selling special Essential Oil diffusing bracelets, rings, pendants and so much more… Made from stone or metals, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

One couple, Marc & Minde Demelo took this jewelry trend and made it their life’s work. Being married for 25 years is probably what helps them be such a good team and work amazingly together as their Etsy shop, Minde’s Mystical Garden, has made more than 5000 sales!

Minde’s Mystical Garden is an amazing Etsy boutique dedicated to essential oil diffuser jewelry and special charms that will make your day- and the day of anyone you choose to buy to! Their amazing oil diffuser necklaces are simple, unique, classy and show style- all while enabling you to carry out the essential oils you need to help you make each day- better!

If you want to learn more about essential oil diffuser necklaces and the other unique and OOAK jewelry on Marc & Minde’s shop- visit them on Etsy!

Minde’s Mystical Garden is the best place
for the most thoughtful gift!

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