Beach Art, Beach Gifts And Beach Linens For Your Beach Baby!

For Your Beach Baby

I absolutely adore Etsy stores that have a main theme to them, making their listings look like a huge collage of amazing art that is all related to one another. It’s also a way to get matching gifts and sets for the people we love, as the store offers a variety of products with the same decor and design idea. This is precisely why I like Lemondaisy Design Etsy store, owned by Leslie Flanagan with Beach Art, Beach Gifts And Beach Linens For Your Beach Baby!

Residing in North Carolina USA, Leslie, ships her art worldwide so that everyone would be able to enjoy it. Her store has a simple theme- the ocean, the beach and marine life. You’d be able to find all kinds of amazing ocean and beach themes products for your house, your baby, or even for a baby shower. The products include marine and ocean inspired: desk calendars, designed printed towels, note card sets, acrylic paintings, baby pillows, and even long sleeved onesies. Here are some of the art that you could find in Leslie’s store:

As you can see some of the marine inspired art was also mixed with some holiday spirit to give you the perfect xmas gift!

For Your Beach Baby
For Your Beach Baby

You can go to Leslie’s Etsy store to see more than 240 other designs and gift ideas, or checkout her social pages for some more details and inspiration:
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