SeaMano – Ocean Inspired Necklaces from Hawaii

There’s a new swimmer in the jewelry ocean of Etsy, and her name is Kayla Jean Lamberson!

In her work, this awesome Etsy seller and jewelry designer is trying to promote marine conservation. Raising awareness to this topic, wearing necklaces with ocean and marine life on them, has a huge importance to Kayla Jean, and her new shop is a reflection of that.

seaglass-pendant-made-in-hawaii-6588664 handmade-in-hawaii-pineapple-necklace-stainless-steel-chain-hawaiian-jewelry-2640669

Her love for the ocean is so large that with every necklace she sells she donates a part of the proceedings to marine conservation- in hopes for a better future! SeaMano– a place where you can WEAR the sea and HELP it at the same time!

Here are some of Kayla’s own words about her new Etsy-venture and jewelry design business:

I’ve always had a huge heart for animals growing up, and I have turned that passion towards marine life and the ocean as well. Sharks are my absolute favorite animals, and they’re currently endangered and in need of our help. I decided to make jewelry that could also help save our sharks and other endangered animals.

handmade-in-hawaii-turtle-seaglass-necklace-7570905 sea-glass-necklace-handmade-in-hawaii-5628925

If you like this style you’d be happy to know that Kayla is planning on adding more an more ocean inspired necklaces to her shop! You can follow up on more of Kayla’s works in the future on her Instagram page!

Visit SeaMano Etsy store- today!


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