Artisan Handmade Healing Jewelry with Natural Gemstones

There isn’t a woman I know that doesn’t have at least one jewelry item that has a healing or protecting stone on it. People don’t always know, but stones like Tiger’s Eye, Tourmaline, Amethyst, and more- are considered to have healing and protection powers- helping those wearing them.

rose-carved-clear-quartz-ring-rose-carved-ring-size-7-34-clear-quartz-qire-wrapped-ring-perfect-gift-for-her-300x300-6530097 peruvian-blue-opal-ring-wire-wrapped-gold-ring-aaa-grade-gemstone-ring-blue-ring-size-8-gift-for-her-300x300-6122176

If you think you need a new jewelry item that is both interesting looking, high quality- and with a protecting stone- try visiting KRulez Etsy store, owned by Kaori Macer.

Learn more about this jewelry designer- from her Etsy bio:

Born in Yokohama city, Japan, moved to Maryland in 2004. A good friend of mine inspired me a great passion for making jewelry in 2008.

I always love gemstones though a tiger eye bracelet I got from my friend changed the whole view.

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