Leather Body Harnesses from Romania

If you’ve never been to Romania than you can’t even imagine the insane underground clubbing scene they have going on there! One thing I’ve learned from living 3 months in Bucharest- is that the Romanian style is so brave and outgoing that it’s simply an art just to walk down the streets of Bucharest and notice everyone- wearing whatever they want!

One of their more sexy styles is the leather outfits! They wear leather like they were born to be bad boys and bad girls and have fun with it!
As their outfits often reminded me of cool cosplay getups and unique dungeon-club style clothing- I searched Etsy for something leathery- and Romanian just enough to make an impression! I found Leather Body Harness.

LeatherBodyHarness Etsy shop, owned by Raluca Vicu, is a place for unique leather body harnesses that will make you look- SEXY AF!!!!  Raluca has made a true family business with her brother, Bogdan, as the store’s manager, and together their sexy body harnesses, leather dresses, and fashionable BDSM costumes- will blow your mind away!

If you’re into this style please like them on Facebook or follow their new design and potential sales on Instagram! The amazing photos you’ve seen here from Leather Body Harness’s professional photoshoots- can be found on their Facebook page with more details.

If you want to know more about prices, shipping and sizes-
please visit Leather Body Harness on Etsy!

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