The Lazy Lobstah Etsy Store Review

The Lazy Lobstah Etsy Store Review

Did I tell you how much I love ETSY already? Honestly, the best place online to find unique gifts from sellers with amazing stories. Introduce the Lazy Lobstah Etsy store review.

The Lazy Lobstah Etsy Store

The Lazy Lobstah is a great Etsy store for handmade soap bars, in various colours and scents. Cinnamon, Cranberry, Lavender, French Vanilla, Coffee and Sandalwood are only few of the available selections by this amazing online vendor. Amongst the soap bars offered by The Lazy Lobstah you could also find mixes like Lemon & Cocoanut and Oatmeal milk & Honey. The soap bars could be used as a fun way to end your shower, with a great smell and feeling… But could also be used for treating skin problems. The Lazy Lobstah offers a variety of scrub-soap-bars just for that purpose.

About The Seller

Jessica, the seller of The Lazy Lobstah Etsy store, came up with the idea to create her own soap bars after years of fighting bad skin problems. In her website’s about us section she talks about the different types of soaps, washes and products she tried during the last few years in order to rid herself from her skin problems.

“Though most of them smelled great, they had tons of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce, let alone know what effect they would have on my skin and body.  My skin was dry, itchy and didn’t look healthy.” She says in her website. And I have to say- I agree!

Educating herself on the subject, Jessica realized that there are better ways to fight her skin condition than to bombard it with chemicals. After doing some online research, and talking to her Dermatologist, she decided to treat herself, to make her own body wash.

More About Her Products

The best thing about The Lazy Lobstah’s soap bars is the fact that they are made from natural ingredients only. If you look at one of her handmade soaps you’ll see an ingredient list like this one: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter and Essential Oils.

The Lazy Lobstah Etsy Store Review
The Lazy Lobstah Etsy Store Review

That’s ZERO chemicals and other BAD substances that only damage your skin!

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