The Perfect Gifts Shop For Anyone Under 5 Years Old !


There are so many adult gift shops on Etsy. The online mall for handmade goods is a great place for that, honestly. A variety of shops selling all kinds of gifts for adults. However, there aren’t enough kids gift shops. I mean, there are kids shops, but most of them are very niched, selling basically one type of item.

But… Not all!

DuckduckgooseCo Etsy shop is one unique boutique, having a few items from each category, and a variety of categories to choose from! Unlike other shops, who design collections and carry stocks, this sweet little shop works a bit differently.

Owner and head of the Familia, Alicia Dresden, is a proud mother of 6, and with 4 grandkids (and maybe a few more soon), she and her daughters just love to sit and craft for their little ones!
What they make for them- they make a bit extra… For you!

Kids zipper pullers, hair combs, stuffed animals for coloring (!!), baptism cards, and more!

As these items are made on a daily/weekly basis- you might want to favorite this shop on Etsy- making sure you’ll be able to see the new items that will be added by the girls!

Visit DuckduckgooseCo Etsy shop for more!

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