The Hat Trend Is Not Dead

The Hat Trend

The hat trend was one that I personally grew up with, watching the amazing Celeste (Andrea Del Boca) changing hats, from one amazing hat to another even more inspiring. In all of the years that past, fashion changed, but my love for hats didn’t. As we are starting to feel the summer sun shining above us, we need something to help us protect ourselves from the heat, while staying unique and stylish. What better way to do so than with a brand new, handmade, one of a kind- hat?

For that I turned to Etsy, looking for stores or sellers that have special designed hats in their stores… And I found a whole store dedicated to handmade, one of a kind, hats! The store is called: Creative By Design Hats. This Etsy store is owned by one very talented Cheri Payne Farmakis from Nevada, USA.

Here’s what our dear Cheri had to say about her store and hat making business:

I have always loved hats and I began creating by own as a hobby… But people liked them so much that I decided to start selling them. I believe hats are a very special accessory that don’t always get the attention they deserve. I was always inspired by old Audrey Hepburn movies. She wore hats with such sophistication and ease. People always seem to complement those women who aren’t afraid to wear beautiful hats.

The Hat Trend
The Hat Trend

So, instead of talking more and more about hats, I’ll just say that Cheri ships her hats worldwide- and leave you with the pictures from her awesome store!

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