Gambling addiction: What to do if the husband is a player

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction and its serious consequences. The article will describe the reasons for the formation of this pathological addiction and ways to help the husband return to his whole life. A husband-gambler is a severe problem for every family because such addiction, in most cases, has dire consequences. Gambling addiction begins to develop with an excessive passion for card games, various lotteries, slots, or a passion for sports betting. It would help if you considered such deviations from the norm, which can lead to divorce and the destruction of a person.

Causes of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a phenomenon that requires serious analysis. First, it is necessary to understand the origin of such pathology to continue eliminating the vocal problem in the future.

Experts have identified the following factors that encourage gambling addiction and allow women to understand ongoing changes with their husbands:

  • Thinking error … Some gambling representatives of the more vigorous sex believe that they can control the course of the game. The plan begins in their minds: “I want – I try – I win.” But in practice, this logical chain is a myth that threatens severe consequences from financial losses to destruction.
  • External influence … Some parents are loyal to the fact that their beloved children can afford to organize a game of cards or start heated discussions about new computer technology at a children’s party. Social networks are full of offers for all kinds of entertainment, which in most cases are gambling in nature. Therefore, the habit of such leisure develops, which can develop into gambling addiction.
  • Parental Mistakes … As mentioned earlier, some parents are affectionate towards their children. You should also express ambivalence or too much harshness from dad or mom. Too much attachment to material values ​​can also lead to the adult boy becoming a player over time.
  • Envy of wealthy relatives or acquaintances … Some greedy people do not see the light of day when they think about financial success with people from their inner circle. Having no opportunity or basic desire to earn a decent living for the family, they start visiting gambling establishments.
  • Bad habits … People with voice problems often become gambling addicts. Frequent visitors to casinos, horse races, and secret fights include alcoholics, drug addicts, and drug addicts. It is not a prerequisite for the development of gambling addiction in a person, but it often raises the described problem.
  • Depression … This phenomenon can be not only the result of a man’s compulsive game but also the reason for its introduction into the system. In some emotional problems, people may try to get rid of their mental distress with the new excitement of gambling.

Sometimes the voices of the causes of gambling addiction should be considered a complex phenomenon. After launching such a device of destruction, the so-called “pleasure center” begins to deform. He will no longer respond to the healthy feelings of eating delicious food or communicating with a loved one but to the feverish joy of expected benefits.

Stages of development of gambling addiction

Each problem of a psychological nature has its stages of formation, which often lead to a critical point or time reversal.

A male gambler goes through three stages of his education in gambling addiction, which look like this:

  • Winning stage … This phase begins with a unique desire to try their luck in gambling. Beginners are usually lucky, so they quickly get a taste of this fun. They begin to devote all their free time to developing a strategy for their other play, forgetting their direct responsibility towards their family and loved ones. They get a clear feeling that only the personal qualities of a person help to win, and the volatility of crazy luck does not affect the course of the game.
  • Losing points … The white success bar cannot continue indefinitely and systematically deliver big wins. After happy minutes of victory comes the first loss of capital. The once respectable father of the family then turns into a neurotic person who annoys everything. He begins a frantic search for money to restore and consolidate the success of the past.
  • Disappointment stage … In the third stage of gambling addiction, the adrenaline addict and lover of easy money have significantly deteriorated in social integration. One becomes a 100% slave to the game and can lose everything he has at this stage. Statistics say that about 14% of gambling addicts attempt suicide during the reported phase of a personality breakdown.

A psychological portrait of a male gambler

In the early stages of the described problem, it is pretty challenging to identify a person with a similar addiction. However, it is easier to identify a gambling addict when he is already completely addicted to the desire for easy money.

The psychological picture of a gambling addict is usually described as:

  • Praise all gambling addicts … A man with this way of life will rarely be able to keep quiet about his addiction. All his conversations will be about the possibility of winning the jackpot in competitions, casinos, or when you buy lottery tickets. He can talk about such a tempting prospect for hours without thinking that such a topic will be utterly uninteresting to the interlocutor.
  • Frequent requests to borrow … In this case, people with bad habits can rarely satisfy their appetite on their own. Alcoholics are looking for funds for the next dose of drug use and use financial support from the immediate environment. Users can do anything, and gamers sometimes act the same. Another reason to try gambling again is the idea of ​​a fix.
  • Irrational Beliefs … The delusional thinking errors trigger the system of gambling addiction. In the process, two types of pathology can develop: strategic and tactical deviation from the norm. The difference between these terms is quite significant. In the first case, we are talking about a positive attitude toward their addiction when the player forms a belief that money is an all-powerful weapon. Therefore, it is necessary to catch them in some way, preferably – for easy profit in the form of victory. The situation is much worse with a tactical mistake because the person falls into a certain trance. At the same time, a person is confident in their ability to work again over time and pay off accumulated debts with the returns.
  • Selective memory … The player perceives everything that happens to him in a rather peculiar way. The sarcastic expression “I remember here, but I don’t remember here” stops being a joke regarding gambling addicts. They only remember winning moments when fate favors them. In most cases, however, the loss is completely erased from their minds, and they sincerely tell their acquaintances only about the positive aspects of the gambling hobby.
  • Deception in words and deeds … Gambling addicts are constantly justifying their actions. A once honest person, under the influence of his pathological passion, turns into a writer of all kinds of incredible and incredible stories. At the same time, he quickly takes back his words and promises without experiencing remorse.
  • Attempts to communicate to people … Each player is a potential “puppet player” because he needs to find financial means for his harmful passion at any cost. He will try to pressure the immediate environment to get what he wants and can get a new dose of adrenaline from gambling.
  • Paranoid personality type … Psychologists often notice this deviation from the norm in their patients. Their guests think they are supermen with all the consequences that come with that. They overestimate their creative, physical, intellectual, and business abilities, which is invalid.
  • Ignoring generally accepted ethical standards … Society often seems hostile to gamers because it prevents them from fully immersing themselves in a process like gambling addiction. In particularly severe cases of expressed dependence, the self-sufficient person turns into a frank skeptic who perceives the people around him as aggressive material towards him.
  • Frequent mood swings … Dismissals from receiving an enormous jackpot to a significant loss in the future cannot go without a trace, even for a person with a strong psyche. Neurons are delicate materials that should not be experimented with. Very often, the player can be calculated by nervous movements, darting gazes, and everyday irritations.

A psychological portrait of a gambling addict describes a person with an unsatisfactory life situation as unattractive. As a result, we are no longer talking about simple entertainment due to boredom but a significant pathology with severe consequences. Boomerangs can return to lovers of easy money in the form of loss of family and work and a further offense.

Behavioral characteristics of male gamblers

Any woman who wants to save her family should be wary of changes in the actions of her soul mate. You cannot ignore your husband’s strange behavior, which can describe in the following ways:

  • Frequent lateness from work … The first alarm for every woman should be the late home of the beloved. The reason for such a change in the work schedule can lie in banal betrayal when a person begins to devote his free time to another person. However, this is not always the only explanation for such strange partner behavior. If the woman is convinced that she has no rival, then she can assume that her other half has a gambling addiction.
  • Absence from home … A gambler will look for any excuse to visit a casino, horse race, or arcade. At the same time, he begins to come up with the most surprising reasons for his next flight from the native walls. Friends will always have their cars break down, and from time to time, their wives will take the kids away from them. Ludeman can also paint his wife in all colors about an unusual call from his superiors who demand to return to the workplace immediately.
  • Regular “loss” of money … For all gambling entertainment, a certain initial amount is required. A player with a lot of experience begins to look for ways to save money for the family secretly. Even with a domineering wife, he begins to “lose” money regularly for various reasons. A leaky pocket, a ridiculous thief in the alley, remoteness in transport – everything is suitable for the parable given to his wife.
  • Lack of attention for the family … The gambling addict has no time to spend his free time in an intimate environment because he is in a gambling institution at every opportunity. The woman starts to get annoyed with the “nagging,” and the gambler runs away from the children as fast as he can. After all, the offspring can force them to help with homework, ask them to attend parent-teacher conferences, or recommend options for joint leisure activities. A gambler has no time to engage in such nonsense, for his day is scheduled to the minute in favor of gambling. If not in a casino, he practices at home, reads about games, etc.
  • Loss of money and things due to housing … When the pursuit of victory becomes a severe problem, it signals the beginning of the end of the marriage relationship. Not only alcohol and drug addicts try to take everything out of their homes and sell the stolen goods for a penny. Experienced players can no longer quit and are ready to sell the house’s last more or less valuable item.

Important! The gambler is a big problem for the family. That is why letting the wife indulge in this weakness is impossible. Everything that happens will end in divorce and psychological trauma for the children. At the first alarming symptoms, it is necessary to understand the situation to try to save the marriage.

Rules for helping the husband

Non-chemical addiction (addiction) of this kind requires immediate intervention to eliminate it from the relatives of the zombified man. The gambler’s wife is the most enthusiastic person treating her husband as a gambling addict. Consequently, it is she who, if there is love for her spouse, has to bear the brunt of ridding her husband of destructive and destructive passion.

Pharmacotherapy in the treatment of gambling addiction

Many skeptics will be surprised to hear that it can fight gambling addiction this way. It is necessary to distinguish drugs to treat alcoholism and drug abuse from the methods that sound like getting rid of gambling addiction. It is unrealistic to eliminate this pathology only with the help of tablets.

However, you can reduce the urge to gamble by using the following drugs:

  • Antidepressants … Depression and constant anxiety always accompany gambling addiction. Therefore, it is necessary, under the strict supervision of a doctor, to try to get the husband out of the critical condition. A specialist can recommend this pharmacological group’s latest generation of mild drugs. Following the doctor’s recommendations, it will not cause harm to the physical and mental condition of the gambling addict. According to statistics, Fluxen, Velaxin, Duloxetine, and Milnacipran have worked well in this case.
  • Herbal preparations … As a sedative relieves anxiety syndrome, folk remedies will not interfere, which should also be agreed upon with a specialist. In this case, all kinds of teas, decoctions, and tinctures will help. You can try steaming your husband with a healing drink in the form of spring, chamomile, sage, and mint. However, purchasing Novo-Passat, Menovalen, Sedafiton, and Persen will bring more results.
  • Lithium salts … are also called mood stabilizers, vital for gambling addicts. They are recommended even if insanity prevails, which can be bought by all players with a particular experience over time. Let’s take treatment with the same antipsychotics. Potassium salts will be considered a much milder way to eliminate gambling. However, they must take them only under the supervision of a doctor because they have several contraindications. First, in older adults, such a remedy can cause a significant boost in the progression of cataracts. Secondly, you can not take them with substantial problems with the urinary system, serious heart diseases, and pronounced allergic reactions to external and internal stimuli.
Gambling addiction
Gambling addiction

Tips from psychologists in the fight against gambling addiction

Some wives do not want to resort to drugs for the chosen one but dream of solving the problem less radically.

In this case, experts come to the aid of unfortunate spouses who recommend the following actions toward husbands:

  • Hide family money … In a gambling addict’s home, money should in no case be in everyday use. All the questions of those eager to immerse themselves in the world of chips and cards should be answered clearly that there is no money left even to feed the children. However, such a method can have one side effect: utterly obsessed with the game; the subject may even commit theft to obtain start-up capital for himself for gambling. Therefore, it is advisable to change all PINs on bank cards and take all deposits “before a rainy day,” hide them with relatives or deposit them in a bank account.
  • Refusal to pay off the husband’s debts … Players love to borrow money and ask for financial support from their inner circle. The wife of such an adrenaline junkie is often unaware of such actions of her beloved half until the very end. It would help if you immediately clarified to your partner in a firm tone that the loans obtained in secret are only his problem. It will not hurt to inform relatives and friends that only the unlucky player can return the money they borrowed.
  • Refusal to support the husband … The spouse is not a seriously ill person who depends entirely on the robust and reliable shoulder of the other half. Of course, the poor guy is in a rather dangerous position, but he is to blame for what happened. Therefore, bravely solving his problem is not worth it because the unlucky player refuses to conclude.
  • Joint visit to a psychologist … In this case, we will focus on private consultation and group training. Through a unique conversation, the specialist will help you understand the causes of the family tragedy. During treatment in a self-help group, one often becomes aware of all the dangers of gambling addiction, which can destroy the lives of even successful people in the past.
  • Application for divorce and division of property … The bettor can take the last spoon out of the house so that the announced decision is no longer a definite act. Over time, after losing a family, a person can realize and stop visiting gambling. If this does not happen, the woman will make the right decision by leaving such an unreliable partner.


If a player-husband does not allow his family to be left alone, he should consider the prospects further. Someone can cope with their illness (FM Dostoyevsky is a vivid example of the healing of voiced pathology). Still, many individuals do not want to escape the vicious circle themselves. A woman can try to fight for her husband, but she is a person who owes nothing to anyone. In addition, it is on her delicate shoulders that care often falls not only on spouses with problems but also on small children. And they should come first.

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