JP Loves It- And We Love Her

JP Loves It

I am a huge fan of music. I have been playing my guitar since I was 6 years old, and although I have my own indie-pop style, I like to get to know new singers and musicians. On my latest Youtube “touring” I encountered JP Loves It. Her version for the song “Love Me Like You Do” got me nodding my head for hours, and made me feel connected to my Turkish roots. (JP’s official Website)

A Bit Of Background

JPLovesIt, Joane Printemps from Boston, started surfacing in the music scene as a pro this year (2015) and already has an established fan base. In her Instagram account she uploads videos of “In the making” of a new song and other pictures of herself, mostly giving inspirational words and thanking her viewers for being so supportive of her and her amazing music.

I Am Your Woman – New Single

JpLovesIt totally wowed me with her version of “Love me Like You Do” that I almost didn’t noticed that she has her own songs. Her new single “I Am Your Woman” is a catchy and sexy love ballade with a bit of club in it. Take special caution before listening to it- it’s highly addictive.  It’s not easy to be a singer these days. Most of the music industry belongs to Barbie & Ken looking artists, but JPLovesIt is rocking it, plus size and beautiful.

A Short Interview With JPLovesIt

I was so excited when I reached out to JPLovesIt and she was able to answer a few questions I had for her.
Why did you start doing music? I needed an outlet, somewhere I can scream without having to scream. After years of coping with the world around me it’s the only thing that made sense anymore, I’m not an angry person but something about music calms me it takes me somewhere else.

What is music to you ?

Everything.’s my annoying “Mom”, my loving “Fiancée” , my gullible “Sisters”,my conceited “brother”, my wise “dad”, my judgmental “Aunties”, my fun loving “uncles” my understanding “cousins” and so much more.

JP Loves It
JP Loves It

How do you define your musical style?

I really don’t know how. I just sing what I feel I guess you can call it feeling music.

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