Two Moms – Making Community & Love Bracelets

As you all know- I love writing about Etsy stores! When looking for a new Etsy store to write about, I’m not only looking at the products and their quality, but also at the story behind the shop, the reason why it was made to begin with.

With LucandBell Etsy shop- I found both.

The store is named after Lucas and Bella, the two kids of the two moms who manage this shop, and the reason behind it- is amazing!

We all know the concept behind friendship bracelets- having a matching item to wear to remember the friendship. But what about just a token of love? A feeling that you belong to a community? That you have people who love you?

These two awesome moms started making their bracelets as a way of dealing with their kids’ hard time in school. We all know that kids can be mean, and for a lot of us- growing up meant going to school everyday and often feeling left out, or that you don’t belong.

The bracelets were meant to remind them they are loved and supported, and people have assigned their own meanings to the bracelets since then. The message behind the bracelets is very important to us. Each bracelet has a red bead to symbolize protection and strength, a heart for love and an animal specifically picked for their commitment to family and community, that’s why we, for now, only have elephants, penguins and wolves.

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