Female alcoholism: How to deal?

Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism; how to deal? Alcoholism in women, causes, symptoms, and trends. Variants and Levels. How to fight, and is a cure possible? Traditional and unconventional ways to fight the disease. Female alcoholism is a chronic disease that has medical and social implications. A woman’s excessive addiction characterizes it to alcoholic beverages, which affects the internal organs and brain cells, resulting in a change in the behavior and appearance of the drinker.

The leading causes of female alcoholism

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015, Belarus was the first in the world in terms of alcohol consumption, traditionally considered a drinker, to achieve “decent”6. the seat In numbers, it looks like this: 17, 5 – 17, 47 – 15, although the output is 8 liters per inhabitant.

From accidents, cirrhosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, 2.5 million drinkers die annually (4% of the total number of deaths in the world). Many scientific articles, hundreds of pamphlets, and thousands of popular articles have been written about alcoholism.

It seems that everything has been known for a long time. Still, until now, doctors will not give a confident answer to the question, is it possible to completely cure this severe disease?

Not everyone will be able to stop drinking because they believe they can always “stop.” It is more difficult for a woman who has fallen into alcohol addiction to get out of it due to many social conditions. According to statistics, in Russia, out of every 100 drinkers, there are at least 50 representatives of the fairer sex.

Among the causes of alcoholism in women, two main factors should be mentioned: social and psychological, which have various characteristics.

Check out the social causes of female alcoholism:

  • Standard of living … A difficult financial situation (unemployment, poor living conditions, inadequate nutrition, etc.) and vice versa, financial independence is often accompanied by alcoholism. “I’m free; everything is fine with me; why not relax?”
  • Alcoholic traditions … Significant life events, for example, graduation from school, university, the birth of a child, or a promotion at work, are unthinkable without a party. Most people give this severe weight, but out of every 5-6 drinkers, one becomes an alcoholic. And when it is a young woman, a mother-to-be, or already having children, it is a great tragedy in the family and society.
  • Educational qualification … A low level of education, which affects the perception of life, often becomes a factor that promotes alcoholism. “I’m no worse than others; why should they be allowed, but I shouldn’t?” Although well-educated women also drink too much.
  • Single parent … A single mother does not have enough time and money to raise and maintain a child. A teenager in the company of his peers often looks for “sponsors” in various dubious establishments. It is a direct path to prostitution, alcoholism, and drugs.
  • Dysfunctional parents … When the father and mother drink and conflict with the law, the daughter can go down this path.
  • Circle of friends … If friendship is impossible without drinking, there is a high probability that the girl will become an alcoholic.
Female alcoholism
Female alcoholism

Here are the psychological causes of alcoholism in women:

  • Hereditary tendency … Girls whose parents abuse alcohol are more susceptible to it.
  • Emotional instability … Women are passionate, and stressful situations can cause cravings for a glass.
  • Characteristics of the body … In women, ethanol is absorbed into the blood faster than in men. Female hormones are quickly suppressed by alcohol.
  • Weak-willed … The weak-willed, suspicious and indecisive are more prone to alcoholism.
  • Lack of purpose … When a teenage girl doesn’t know what she’s going to do after graduation and is really “going with the flow,” there’s a high chance that alcohol will take an important place in her life.
  • Loneliness, unhappy personal life … Unsuccessful love, life with loved ones, and loss of loved ones is often the reason for drinking.
  • Psychological and physical violence in the family … Humiliation of family positions, they say, “you are doing everything wrong, you are a bad girl, and you have such friends,” beatings force you to seek solace in the company of “well-wishers” with a bottle. An adult woman can feel a lot of psychological pressure from her husband, for example, jealousy or reproach that he is bringing to the family.


If a woman starts looking into a glass often, this is a severe sign of discomfort in her soul. It would help if you did not succumb to her vices, they say she drank, with whom it does not happen, but you need to try to figure out why this is happening. It will help her deal with her bad luck in time, to avoid severe mental conflicts and conflicts in the family and at work.

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