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The Survivor – One Woman Blogging About Breast Cancer

The Survivor – One Woman Blogging About Breast Cancer

My “relationship” with Breast Cancer is somewhat complicated. I never really thought about it much till my aunt Daphy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about 6 years ago. Meet the survivor one woman blogging about breast cancer. She fought like a tiger for 5 years, and 11 months ago, the fighting stopped. Cancer won.
This matter is complicated for me to talk about… I think that I wouldn’t have had the courage to deal with it myself, but other people have that- and they can shine a light bright enough for us all to see… That one person is The Survivor.

The brave young one woman blogging who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 32. Unlike the common prediction that cancer can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle- that wasn’t her case. She was a healthy eater, exercised regularly and had no previous cases of Breast Cancer in her family. And yet- this young healthy 32 year old- woke up one day to a different reality.

They say that if you suffer from any sort of disability you should own it. I can relate to that, with my back condition that I try to OWN every single day. But this woman, this survivor- defiantly owns her cancer. Writing about it, blogging about it, showing her face worldwide, spreading the word… Or maybe spreading 2:

1. Cancer is not the end. Don’t listen to any myth about cancer, learn to live with the treatments, fight it, get better- you got this! No matter what you have to do to get better- you will do and succeed!

2. Get tested, please, today, as fast as you can. Don’t neglect checking your breasts at the doctor’s office, do a self-physical breast check on a regular basis- it can save your life!

The true meaning of owning what you have is facing the fact that this in fact HAPPENED to you, you can’t take it away. Find the strength in yourself and help others who can’t. Use it.
In her own words, The Survivor said it best:

I learned so much about myself, my strength, my body and the power of the mind. I gained an understanding of what other woman going through this experience face, having had multiple Lumpectomies which ultimately lead to a Double Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction.

On February 6, 2015, I made the decision that it would be my mission to help others who have been touched by this life threatening disease. I’m committed to directly impacting people’s lives through donation, love and basic human connection in hopes to bring them a bit of comfort and strength as they face their own fight.

Read more about The Survivor in her about page.

Make a living while spreading the word!

The Survivor website is this woman’s way to share her thoughts with the world, share her insights about breast cancer and LIVING with it. Hey- she even decided to make a business out of it! The Survivor is her official brand- selling t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts- all designed with messages of defeating cancer and fighting this awful disease!

Here are some of my favorite designs from The Survivor’s online store:

The Survivor’s Blog

One of the things I loved about The Survivor is the blog section, acting half as a guide book and half as her own personal journal throughout this journey.
The blog covers important topics such as- how to be a good friend to someone battling cancer, the benefits of meditating for cancer patients, how to self exam your breasts and more.

There’s a way for you all to help out!

Throughout her blog posts and social channels, The Survivor talked about not having anything to wear in her “new” condition. Clothes always feel to tight, fabrics you once loved now itch and annoy you, and if you are recovering from surgery- you’ll need to carry a “special bag” with you- all day, all the time.
The Survivor acts for social involvement, calling women (and men) to donate their oversized shirts to help women who are struggling through this time!

The Survivor – One Woman Blogging About Breast Cancer
The Survivor – One Woman Blogging About Breast Cancer

If you have any shirt that match the description in the list below, please go to this page in The Survivor’s website to help out:
– New or slightly used, clean shirts.
– Oversized for comfort
– Button-down, zip up, easy to take on and off.
– Long sleeve or short sleeve.
– Natural Fabrics with breathability.
This shirts will be personally delivered by The Survivor after she will sew a customized pocket to hold the survivors surgical drains. (Amazing, right?)

Keep track with our favorite Survivor on social media : Facebook & Instagram.
Good luck girl, you got this!

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