Colorful & Glamorous Ethnic Pillows – GIVEAWAY!

Colorful & Glamorous Ethnic Pillows – GIVEAWAY!

A lot of people spend hundreds of dollars trying to decorate their homes, especially their living rooms. However, a well decorated living room is not about the furniture or “the big stuff”- it’s all about the small details- the fabrics and the colors- and it’s these small items that can change the appearance of a living room with colorful & glamorous ethnic pillows – GIVEAWAY!

Say you have a black leather sofa, a nice white table and a black TV stand and shelf structure- if you add a see-through vase with black roses, and throw some black and white pillows on the sofa- you have your own black and white theme. If the pillows were red- you got this pop-theme going on, while if the pillows were in mixed colors, and the flowers and vase would be yellow and orange- the room is suddenly the sign of joy and spring.

Pillow cases make a difference- and if you need a good pillow cover- I have just the store for you!

Home Right Online is an Etsy store owned by Michele Battise from California. As Michele approaches her 100th sale- she started a nice GIVEAWAY in her Facebook page- inviting people to choose 1 out of 4 pillows and possibly win it for no charge!

Michele has a goal- a purpose to her Etsy business. She strives to be able to give people 2 things- a product that is in good quality and well designed- as well as a product that will help people feel at home. I know that making yourself at home these days isn’t always easy… Most of us, in our 20’s and 30’s, are not like our parents. We can’t always have the house of our dreams, while working a 9-5 job of just finishing off college. Having a nice portable item that gives you that hommy feeling- is key to taking home with you wherever you go.

Michele also offers a variety of gift boxes in her store, all wrapped in a beautiful fabric– and perfect for mother’s day or any other birthday of a female loved one!

Colorful & Glamorous Ethnic Pillows – GIVEAWAY!
Colorful & Glamorous Ethnic Pillows – GIVEAWAY!

You can see more of Michele’s pillows in her Etsy store,
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There’s always something good coming up!


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