8 Tips To ReLight Your Relationship Fire

8 Tips To ReLight Your Relationship Fire

We all know that a good relationship is hard to come by, so it’s important and crucial to keep the one you have alive… If you’ve been together for some time now, and feeling that the feelings are there but daily lives have taken away your SPARK- here are 8 thing you can do to rekindle your flame:


Flirting is the oldest trick in the book. Unlike some magazines who say that flirting with other people during the day would make you come home all sexed up- we think you should flirt with.. Your partner!
You can give each other a healthy pinch in the side while they’re passing you around the house, or stare at their body when you think they are not looking… Even wink!

2 – Do something symbolic together

Some couples take a lock and attach it to a fence and throw away the keys, others carve their names onto a tree. You can do anything you want, but it has to be together and it has to be to celebrate your love. Go to the beach or park with 2 helium balloons, write your names on them, tie them together and let them fly into the sky.

3 – Write each other stupid love notes

Sometimes a silly love note is all you need in order to light up a smile on your partner’s face. Your note doesn’t have to clever, or even say anything. It could be a quote, a short sentence, a good day greet or even just a heart. The trick is hiding your note- so your love will discover it during their day and have a pleasant surprise!

4 – Sex in the morning!!

Morning sex is indeed the best sex ever!! Forget morning gym, coffee or a shower… Sex is the best way to wake up and start your day. If you are not having morning sex on a regular basis this could break your routine and relight your fire!
If you want more convincing- read UKmedix article about morning sex… You’ll thank us later!

5 – Take romantic pictures together

Well, most couples take pictures together, but that’s not what we mean. Take real professional pictures together to celebrate your love. Make a day of it, dress your best, fix your hair and go somewhere beautiful to take amazing pictures of yourselves.

You don’t need to upload them to Facebook- instead try framing them or taking one and creating a canvas print out of it to hang in your living room or bedroom.

6 – Act like kids again

There is something about acting like kids, with no worries in your hearts, that releases endorphins and simply make you smile! Go run in the park, play on the swings, have a playstation marathon or even visit an arcade and play silly video games together.

8 Tips To ReLight Your Relationship Fire
8 Tips To ReLight Your Relationship Fire

7 – Have a compliments week

Take one week from your lives and do 2 things: – End every conversation with stating something you like about your partner – Don’t have sex.

We promise you that the further the week progresses your compliments would be more and more sexy and when the week is over- you won’t be able to leave your bed!

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