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When people hear Australia they immediately think about a shirtless blonde guy surfing through the waves… (or is it just me and my friends?)

However, the flowing vibe of Australians don’t end in the ocean- but lives through their daily lives in the streets, as Australia has a massive skateboarding thing going on! Think about it-

The water, the waves, the smell of sand and salt… And you’re on the boardwalk skating through the scenery. You might as well do it on a really awesome skateboard!


I encountered an interesting Twitter account few days ago, for a new skateboard-deck-designs brand by the name of: LocalsOnlyLabel
When I saw this super awesome skateboard deck- I was super thrilled!

Flandidily Deck! Hand painted skateboards coming soon! 🤙😎 🖼 🖼 🖼 🖼

🖼#skateboard #skateboarding #skatelife #skate #skater #skatepark #sketch #sk8 #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroy #skatespot #painting #skateordie #skatecrunch #draw #skateboards … https://t.co/KDxbIzzSCM pic.twitter.com/TSGvYFMCnB

— Locals Only Label (@localsonlylabel) February 12, 2018

LocalsOnlyLabel is also an Etsy store- opened only days ago- and if you like skateboarding you’re gonna want to favorite this store on Etsy- as new designs will be uploaded any day now- and you really don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

So far the designer behind the store has uploaded 2 of his designs- and I sure do like’m!

skateboards-skateboard-deck-skate-skateboard-decor-skateboarder-retro-hey-arnold-nickelodeon-handmade-gift-for-him-art-3158418 skateboards-skateboard-deck-skate-skateboard-decor-skateboarder-retro-handmade-gift-for-him-gift-for-her-art-wall-art-1-1-1073688

Stay in touch with Locals Only Label:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
And don’t forget to visit them on Etsy!

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