How To Untangle Yourself From The Web Of Always Wanting More

“Change Your Outside Circumstances – But Do This FIRST (NEW Law of Attraction Key Magazine)‏” is that a – A) Title of a Book B) The subject line of an email newsletter

C) The beginning of a Facebook post

The correct answer is… Have you guessed it? It’s B.

Not that it matters, lines calling us to change our lives, uncover simple truths, successfully conquer fears, easily lose weight and improve in every possible aspect are EVERYWHERE. These reach your email, your social accounts and even sneak up on you when you are innocently browsing the web.

These statements are aimed at helping you (and maybe sell you something, down the line…) but they also create a constant reminder, that some things in your life are still not where you want them to be. And that could be, at times, well, a bit frustrating.

All Of The Endless Possibilities

My head used to spin, sometimes, when I thought about the endless possibilities that exist, out there, to make a change, in my life. Make something better, more efficient, easier… and it always felt like there is no better time than the present to do this: this year, this month, this week, today!

Being constantly bombarded by those messages could actually get you tangled in the web of self improvement. Make you search for ways to improve all the time. Not that it’s bad, but it could be tiring. So today I want to share 2 thoughts that should help you, next time some stray email, video or social media post catches your eye and makes you feel like you could be doing more/better, achieving greater things and faster.

Thought #1

Life is work in progress – It’s about learning to love the imperfection, not getting to perfect. Whatever you get done is great, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot. Some things will just have to wait, and that’s perfectly fine.

Thought #2

Our brains are conditioned to want, not to be happy with what we have achieved. Even if you follow every piece of advice that you are given, chances are you will feel roughly the same about yourself.

Recent studies that discuss money as a mean of buying happiness say that if you want to invest money, invest it in experiences, the kinds that create memories that you will cherish AND that if you think some new purchase will lead to long term happiness, think again. Overall satisfaction levels usually remain constant, even as our quality of life improves.

So next time you come across something that is offering you a way to be better or do better, and this suggestion strikes a chord, deep within you… Try to stop, relax and remember that you are already doing quite well, after all and even if it doesn’t always seem so, you are learning and improving simply by BEING here, alive, on this planet.

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