Beautiful Door Wreaths, Centre-Pieces & Mason jars – Handmade!

Beautiful Door Wreaths, Centre-Pieces & Mason jars – Handmade

One of my favourite things on Etsy is when I see a store owned by someone who really likes what they’re doing! A lot of people go on and choose a career path based on financial reasoning, or because society told them to… But not Omayra. Introducing the beautiful door wreaths, centre-pieces & mason jars – Handmade!

Omayra is a mother of a teenager (good luck dear!) and her passion to the fall season has led her to open a new business- dedicated to crafts you do for the fall season! If you think about it- all of the best things happen in the fall! We start it with preparations for the winter holidays, and the outside world is filled with a rare combination of green, brown and orange. A beautiful time of year to celebrate nature and all it holds!

“The items I make are not perfect”

…Omayra says in her Etsy bio. A remark that is so true when you’re looking at handmade products! I find that the true beauty of handmade and creative crafts is in the little mistakes you make along the way, those imperfections that can truly show you that what you got was made by a person and not by a machine.

What Omayra lacks in “professional machinery” she makes up for in passion and love- as all of her handmade wreaths, mason jars and center-pieces are made from her heart, her joy of crafting, and her desire to provide something that will make someone else happy!

Shipping domestically (USA) and to Puerto Rico, Omayra is the one you need to go to if nature and the fall season are in your hearts! Her beautiful fall creations would be a perfect gift for people who love and appreciate the beauty of nature and the value of handmade crafts!

In her current efforts to grow her Etsy shop, Omystore, this woman is constantly trying and learning new things- so if you like what you see here- Favorite her Etsy shop to make sure you’re always updated when new items come to life!

Beautiful Door Wreaths, Centre-Pieces & Mason jars – Handmade
Beautiful Door Wreaths, Centre-Pieces & Mason jars – Handmade

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