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Etsy Store

I have been writing about Etsy stores for months now, and I thought I have seen it all… I wrote on some amazing vendors that make their own cosmetics from natural ingredients, about people making jewellery from so many different substances, and mostly about clothing items… But there’s one Etsy store that really blew me away with so many amazing One-Of-A-Kind items!! That store is called: Speak Easy Boutique.

This store, based in California, ships some of its items to every country in the world, and some only to a selected list of countries (United States, Australia, Canada, Europe non-EU, European Union & the United Kingdom).

The store is owned by Ani Kiramichyan, and the first thing she chose to write about herself was that she loves her job. I believe that this is what makes shopping at Etsy so different than shopping anywhere else, it’s a collection of rare people, selling what they love to do- and what they do best.

Her store offers a unique combination of vintage accessories, along with handmade (hand tailored) fashion items. Ani creates amazing outfits and clothing items. As some of the items are made to order, others are one of a kind and made from special fabrics that are no longer available (for these items Ani seldom offers alternative fabrics that she can use to custom make a similar design for you). Here are my two favourite vintage items at Ani’s store:

Etsy Store
Etsy Store

But the truly amazing pieces are the clothes she offers for sale…  I will leave you gals with the images (simply click on any image to see the full collection that Ani can offer you in her store!)

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