How To Sell Your HandMade Crafts

How To Sell Your HandMade Crafts

If you are thinking about turning your handmade art projects into a business- I salute you! It’s not easy to take your handmade crafts and tell yourself– they are good enough for people to buy them. And any business is a phycological and physical challenge. Know some tips on how to sell your HandMade crafts?

There are a lot of online places where you can sell your merchandise, some are more targeted to handmade items than others. If you take Ali Express for example– you might not want to sell there… Ali Express is known for being a cheap commerce, mastering in mass orders and very low prices… Less suitable for handmade items. So let’s about where you can sell your crafts:

How To Sell Your HandMade Crafts


Facebook is a great platform to advertise, and I know a lot of sellers, with online stores, websites and Etsy accounts that sell a lot just with their Facebook page. Selling crafts using your Facebook page my present itself as a challenge, since people would be afraid to ship money to an unknown fan page- what happens if the products never come? Who will they be able to complain to?

However, if you manage to get through the rough start, offering lower prices, deals or giveaways- the reviews you’ll get could make sure that more people would trust you.
You could always start with sending a few items to fashion bloggers or website owners to get their written opinion and gain credibility.


Selling goods on Etsy is a great way to start creating a name for yourself. Since Etsy is a known platform that is dedicated to handmade products- your one-of-a-kind items will not look expensive to the visitors in your Etsy store. If you are just starting your business you have to make sure that people would focus on your products when thinking about purchasing, and won’t bother themselves with questions like- is it safe to buy from this seller?

A lot of online sellers like to start working this way in various fields… Starting to sell from within a known and trusted platform allows them to gain experience, get their name out there and get good reviews. Plus, starting an Etsy store doesn’t come with all the expenses and brain-work that an independent online store will take from you. Listings on Etsy are at a low price, less than half a dollar to upload a product, and you can start with a package of 40 free listings if you get a link from another Etsy store vendor.

Your Own Website

If you are serious about your business you should consider opening a website! It’s not as tricky as you think, and if you have a Facebook fan page or even an Etsy store- a website will only help your marketing efforts.

There are a lot of easy-to-build programs for people with a low technological orientation, like Wix, where you can easily open an online store. You can also open a WordPress site, as an online store or as an online catalog. The website will allow you to get ALL of the money from the deals you make, and not pay 3rd parties cuts from your sales. However, if you don’t have a NAME out-there, some people might feel reluctant to place an order with you.

Make sure that your website has a support page, contact us page, about us page- and generally any page you would see at an eCommerce site like eBay or Etsy. The best use for your website, at the beginning, would be to share it’s link in your Etsy store or Facebook page- showing your shoppers that you are taking your craft seriously!

Kate And Bean

A new rising website is here to revolutionise the way you sell handmade products. Kate and Bean, going live soon, will give you the peace of mind to just focus or creating amazing hand crafts. This amazing project takes the hassle of any other aspect from your business and leaves you with simply creating amazing stuff.

How To Sell Your HandMade Crafts
How To Sell Your HandMade Crafts

The website will start accepting vendor applications this April, and I managed to exchange a few words with the owners of the site and to be honest? Their business plan is brilliant! For a monthly fee you create an account with Kate and Bean, send them your crafts, and they manage the whole selling, wrapping and sending process… And just give you the money at the end of the month. Brilliant, no?

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