This Couple Quit Their High-End Jobs To Open An Etsy Store Together

Meet Sor Ganbold Baltis and Altangadas Bayarsaikhan from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They are a married design duo, both went to fashion school, and both started working in the fashion industry in Mongolia. After taking on roles as lead fashion designers at “Goyo Cashmere” (one of Mongolia’s premier cashmere companies) they have felt that they have it all! Good careers, good marriage. But something was missing…

In the year 2014, they decided to risk it all, leave their comfy positions and start their own business! So, they quit “Goyo” and launched “White Comma“, their own fashion studio dedicated to unique products that they design by themselves.

The couple took a trip to Tokyo in the year 2015 and was “infected” with the Japanese style. A brand new idea was born from that trip, and our couple started importing vintage Japanese kimono material and combining them with lush Mongolian leather (known for its thickness and quality), as well as with Chinese silk (known for its luster and its famous origins). Making kimono clutches was their new way to make money- which worked as the entire stock sold out!

But life happens. And one half of this amazing duo found themselves in the United States. What should they do from here?

Many couples strive for a better life, but very few actually try. It takes devotion, loyalty, trust and bravery to start to “set up shop” in a new and better destination. And that’s what they did. They opened up their Etsy store– hoping that through it they could bring their art to the knowledge of the USA and get the same recognition there. So they could be reunited and carry on their life’s mission- to make beautiful things 🙂

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