Go Vintage Or Go Home

Go Vintage Or Go Home

It’s amazing how trends and fashions change over time, or more true would be to say- repeat themselves from time to time. As time is moving ahead it seems that the further back you go with fashion- the cooler you get… Thus women all over the world have discovered the vintage style. I made this post to you girls after searching for the coolest DIYs for vintage clothes in the internet.
You even have one for your little girl Let’s start? Let’s start!

A Little Vintage DIY Warm Up

“Fire flies and jelly beans” blogger is taking us back to the days of “Fame” with a cool DIY for leggings she made from… An old sweater! This is one of the easiest DIYs I have found online, and if you are not a professional sewer than this is perfect for you… Her result, as you can see was amazing! Care to see the process? Click here!

Petticoat It, Baby!

Moving up the difficulty scale to an amazing Petticoat tutorial brought to you by the amazing Alisa Burke! This amazing fashion blogger is a true inspiration to me since she did what I aim for in life… She couldn’t find the item she is looking for- so she made it! This amazing layered vintage petticoat skirt is to DIE4, so click here and see how she made it!

Is That A Vintage Necktie Top?

Yes, and it is brought to you by On The Cutting Floor website!
This lovely necktie top will take your look about 70 years back, to the lovely 40’s, and it could be easily hand-stitched, if you don’t own a sewing machine! Click here to see how to make it!

Are You Ready For The Real Deal?

Cause I found something so adorable for you- you wouldn’t even believe it! “Craftiness is not optional” posted this sweet DIY vintage dress for little girls! I would not talk much about this dress, just tell you that if you have a sewing machine at home and a lovely kid like this one- click here and get to work!

Go Vintage Or Go Home
Go Vintage Or Go Home

Can’t “Do It Yourself” But Still Want Some Vintage?

The Vintage Cinderella Etsy store is helping you obtain some of the most vintage and rare looking outfits, shipped to you worldwide from TLV, Israel. The store sells everything from dresses, tops, necklaces, bracelets, earring and more! As the items on The Vintage Cinderella store are one of a kind- you could buy in pride and know that you’d be the only person wearing them… True vintage! I’ll leave you with the coolest item I found in the store so far:

Don’t Think You Can Pull-It-Off?

Here’s a cool video, made by Cherry Dollface, showing you how to combine vintage wear in your everyday style:

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