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Great swimwear, for all sizes, and with great quality is what you’ll find at Everything 5 Pounds. From 2 pieces to a staggering 1 piece, and even beach wear.

7 – Great Socks And House Footwear

Winter is coming- make sure your feet are warm and cosy in one of Everything 5 Pounds’ amazing winter footwear. You could find all the colours and sizes there, plus great sock-like-sleepers with a non-slip soles.

8 – Amazing And Unique Jackets

I am not a boring person, and I love to shop in style and make sure i will look different from other women passing by me at the street. So even though I have my basics bought at H&M or Forever 21, I make sure to have to most unique jackets. With Everything 5 Pounds you could find jackets in colours you didn’t even know existed (Like this pink beauty here)

9 – Great Jewellery & Accessorise

On top of having amazing clothing and underwear, Everything 5 Pounds also offers an accessory section with bags, purses, necklaces, bracelets and rings. I think that what I love the most about Everything 5 Pounds’ website is that you can actually complete a full look and never leave the site.

10 – Crazy Cute Knitwear

As I said before- winter is coming and it’s the season to be a cutie! With amazing scarves and awesome looking knitwear, you’ll feel warm and stylish while looking unique.

find at Everything 5 Pounds
find at Everything 5 Pounds

11 – Common, It’s 5 Pounds.

Enough said. You could complete a wardrobe with 30 pound and have: A new blouse A new Jacket A new pair os trousers A new necklace A new pair of shoes

And another accessory of your choosing.

To me, that makes Everything 5 Pounds to be the most amazing store online, EVER!

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