Looking to Upgrade Your Path ?

Looking to Upgrade Your Path ?

They say you are what you eat, that “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”, or that we are defined by what we choose to wear… and in a way- all these statements have a solid point. Looking to Upgrade Your Path?
You are what you wear, you can better show who you are with your choice of clothing. Same goes for food and friends… And if you want to make sure you’ll be the best version of yourself– wear that !!

A shop on Etsy just opened up, by the name of UpgradeYourPath, and it’s truly something you can surround yourself with- to empower yourself and others around you!

This unique shop is owned by Wynisha Alcorn from League City, Texas, and in her shop you’ll find one simple and motivating design- telling you to Upgrade your path!

Wynisha has designed this unique print, in high quality, and found production partners to help her make that print appear on everyday items that you can all use!
She sells her design of empowerment on items like socks, beach tote bags, pillow covers, and a variety of shirts for men and women.

The design features a nurse in gold, and if you liked that specific design- Wynisha is also offering that up for sale- as an instant download item for you to use at home wherever you need it!

If you like what you’ve seen here don’t forget to visit UpgradeYourPath Etsy shop for more info! Make sure to favorite it- so you’ll always be notified of new items that could truly…

Looking to Upgrade Your Path ?
Looking to Upgrade Your Path ?

Upgrade your path!

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