60% OFF Sale on Bikinis @ Sabrina West Swimwear

March is here and soon the summer will follow!
Summer time, heat, sunny days and sexy beaches- and you could use a new bikini! You might even be interested in finding a one piece from somewhere like Hermoza.
Lucky for all of us, there is a new swimwear brand that is kicking off the summer season with a 60% off sale on the items in her Etsy store Sabrina West Swimwear!


And when I see a 60% sale- I mean 60% discount- paying only 40% for handmade and USA designed bikinis- that will make everyone at the beach notice you!
Sabrina went to school for Fashion Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. Her favorite design ideas were those that enabled her customers to get a unique one of a kind item. And her bikinis are surly a unique work of art!

sabrina-west-tammy-top-with-rae-bottoms-chic-tankini-with-removable-peplum-skirt-and-adjustable-straps-rae-bottoms-are-mid-rise-7844509 sabrina-west-zoe-top-and-open-heart-hannah-bottoms-sporty-one-shoulder-bikini-top-with-high-waist-bottoms-color-block-womans-swimwear-1-1-8536996

If you like this style- you definitely want to follow Sabrina on social media! Her Facebook page is sweet and filled with summer spirit, her Pinterest is filled with summer inspiration and accessories boards, and her Instagram posts will make you want to dive into the nearest pool for a refreshing swim!

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