Welcome To Succulent Heaven!

Planting and grooming are suddenly a worldwide trend with people realizing that there are plants out there that are simply PERFECTION!
The succulents are on the table today with beautiful and amazing species that bloom like no other- showing us that nature’s color scheme is far greater than we thought it to be!

Succulents contain 25 main families, each with their shape, texture, different grooming instructions, and sub-species in the mix… Giving us a never ending world of colors!

One Etsy shop truly places succulents on the map with unique succulent seeds for sale- for your very own personal succulent heaven!! The shop’s name is RarePlant and I seriously couldn’t think of a better name for these magical seeds than RARE!

If you liked the photos in this post you should know that you could find all of these species on RarePlant Etsy shop’s succulent category! You could also find other rare succulent species in the shop’s official website.

Shipping worldwide from Europe- making sure that everyone in the world will be able to enjoy some magic in their succulent corner!

Visit RarePlant today for more!

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