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People use the internet these days for almost everything they need to get… New gadgets, a new iPhone charger, a nice dress, a cool clutch, pets’ accessories, wall art, cheap knock-offs and even food! The reasons are clear- You get everything mailed to you, without needing to leave your home. Even when it comes to something as important as a wedding, some people even choose to order custom silicone rings or a diamond ring online, just so it saves them a bit of time. Each to their own as they say. You have the opportunity to view hundreds and even thousands of items in minutes, and of course- you could enjoy items from all over the world.
However, not enough people are taking advantage of the internet when it comes to luxury jewelry items, and with talented designers like Abi Meshulam, I can’t understand why.

Abi Meshulam is a jewelry designer from Israel, shipping amazing, unique and luxurious rings and other jewelry pieces all the way from his studio in TLV. This unique artist is showing us the beauty of new ideas, of living in a country with various cultures to effect the way you look at beauty- and with a click of a button- you could be wearing an exclusive and unique wedding ring- for life.

He chose the Etsy platform to display his creations, a trusted platform with 100% transparency for buyers to feel safe to purchase luxury items online, and named his store: Abi M Jewelry.
Shipping worldwide from Israel, here are some of the items you could find in his store:

More about the Designer:

Abi was always passionate about creating new things – painting and sculpture in particular. Despite his passion, he chose to study photography and spent the following 25 years from his graduation working as a fashion photographer.
In 2013 he decided to fulfill his long time desire and learn metalworks, as he remembered that working with his hands was that constant thing that could always make him happy.

“It is so thrilling to think that people on multiple continents wear my pieces…it’s like letting a little part of me travel the world.” (Abi Meshulam).

Go to Abi’s Etsy store to see more amazing designs,
and feel free to like his FB page to always see his latest work.
Good luck Abi, from all of us here in The Women Team!

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