Beautiful Wedding Bands From The UK

Weddings are always a hassle to plan, I mean, you have so many factors you need to consider.
You got the dress, the music, the catering, the venue, and oh, did you forget something? Oh yeah, the rings.

Wedding rings trends

Unlike a wedding dress that will forever stay in your wedding album, wedding rings are forever staying on your finger, and they should be chosen carefully. The wedding rings you’ll choose will be the only permanent accessory you’ll probably wear, and no matter how much it cost you- the real value of it will be sentimental, therefor, priceless. Websites like have such a great way to measure ring size so check this out before starting ring shopping!

Different couples choose different wedding rings.
Some choose their wedding bands due to current trends in fashion and in jewelry fashion, for example, some have been known to wear silicone rings. While others choose something that means something to them. Most couples choose matching wedding bands, to symbolize their connection and union, and others choose their wedding rings separately- taking into account the unique style each of them have in their day to day lives. Some couples may even be drawn to looking at Joseph George Jewellery which is custom made for the couple in question and designed to suit their needs entirely.

One of the biggest trends in wedding rings is wooden wedding rings.
While some women want a pricy item, some women choose wood over silver or gold to symbolize this union’s connection to nature and to the forces of mother earth. Searching this wooden wedding bands trends is what led me to Stephen Cichocki, a wedding bands and special rings designer from Cardiff, United Kingdom.

WoodenGold Wedding bands designs

Stephan chose the Etsy platform to sell his wedding ring designs, and is doing so in his Etsy store- WoodenGold. As Etsy is a marketplace for crafters, Stephan’s wedding bands were a huge success, and after making more than 130 people happy with their wedding bands- Stephan managed to keep a 5 star rating. Amazing, right?

His story is quite unique.
He didn’t start his career and art journey with jewelry design. He started with sculpturing. He studied sculpture at Cardiff School of Art and Design, and started his career with making architectural models, theatre and television sets, props and weapons for films, and more..

What drove him away from his perfect job and great career was the realization that all the materials he was using were not recyclable and at the end- hurting the environment. He began to look at the life we live, and felt a bit off with people always choosing low-cost over quality, stuffing their homes with things they don’t need and would easily toss, items with no character.

It was that cultural perspective that led him to open WoodenGold, his first wedding bands jewelry brand. It was his desire to make people give up this anonymous lifestyle and start being unique- especially in their wedding day.

And I, for one, am happy he did so.
For more amazing and unique wedding band designs check out Stephan’s store.

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