Designers Funny Smoking Kits Made in the USA

Finding unique handmade designers items sold by a USA family business- is what Etsy is all about! However, not all families make the same things. In the past 5 years of blogging for The Women Team I thought i’ve seen it all- A mother & daughter crochet business, 2 sisters making jewelry, a dad & son making puzzles for gifted kids…. But seeing this shop, owned by a wife & husband- blew me away! This couple decided to make the most out of these challenging times, and design stoner kits – smoking kits- that are just too precious not to get!

With houmouristic sayings, and witty designs, they opened a shop by the name of DoobiedudeUSA, to sell special smoking boxes, with rolling paper, lighter, and grinders- so we can all cope the way god intended- with smoking!

Smoking kits that will make you laugh

I have no idea how the two came up with these brilliant and funny designs, like Pretty Pothead or Weed Belong Together, but they did. And they are just the cutest! No more throwing your smoking kit inside your bag and letting it all go loose… Not when you can have a designated box for it- that will surely sturr up a conversation with anyone who sees it!
(And if you’re looking for more than just 1 kit- the couple also created a special listing with wholesale prices for bulk orders)

The Kits- Inside look

Unlike a lot of kit-sellers on Etsy, posting photos of the outside of each kit, on DoobiedudeUSA Etsy shop you’ll find a detailed look inside the kit and know exactly what you’re getting!
To be honest, as a smoker (Bali Shag Tobacco) I was quite shocked seeing how affordable these kits are, knowing the prices of RAW rolling paper, and grinders. One more thing to love this couple for!

To get your own stoner kit and see many other designs

Visit DoobiedudeUSA Etsy shop today!

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