The Swan Princess Odette Cosplay Dress by Coserz

The love story of Odette, the Swan Princess, and her beloved Derek, have been told in many books and movies in the past several decades, and it is timeless! With every new movie that airs, in the series of The Swan Princess, I fall more in love with the original tale, and the beautiful dresses that were animated to perfection.
The most beautiful of all outfits in The Swan Princess movie series, is the white & blue Princess Odette dress– and believe it or not- you can have it too!

Princess Odette Dress costume for women

On a website called Coserz, you’ll be able to find the perfect Princess Odette costume dress, for adult women- in all sizes! This website is the holy grail of costumes and cosplays – as it holds so many unique adult costumes, for men and women, taken from our favorite movies and TV shows.

Their unique approach to making cosplay costumes is simple- they make it for YOU!

That means, that when you order your Princess Odette dress you send them your measurements, and they will create this dress to fit you like a glove! Curvy, slim, busty, flat-chested, petite sizes, or plus sized – any woman can be The Swan Princess and wear her very own Princess Odette dress!

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