Crochet Baby Boots, Clothing, Bags & Rag Dolls

If you’re looking for a truly awesome gift to give a new mom- you oughta know that it’s all about the baby right now! Given the fact that newborns are so delicate and soft- one of the best ideas you could have is to find a unique crochet baby item- soft enough to cuddle them safely!

A great Etsy shop by the name of OddPeanut is selling the sweetest crochet baby items ever!
With a large selection of baby clothing, boots, shoe-boots, vests and sweaters, this store is one way to make a new mom (and a new baby) extremely happy!

The shop is owned by Crystal Silva, a very sweet and talented woman who’s been crocheting for most of her life! After perfecting her techniques, finding unique color-combos, Crystal has truly made a brand out of her greatest life-joy. Her business started just like those amazing stories we hear about… She made beautiful crochet pieces for family, friends, and after, when she started getting requests from people, she realized she could really turn her life around- and make a business out of a well-styled hobby!

The best thing about these adorable crochet baby clothing and baby boots is that they were made with your baby’s skin in mind! In her shop’s about us section Crystals talks about her crocheting process, vision, and the myths of handmade baby clothing:

Here at Odd Peanut quality materials are important to us. Cheaper materials are itchy, scratchy, and rough. That makes for a very miserable feel on the skin. No one wants that. A very common myth regarding handmade clothing is that they are of bad quality and can get damaged after first or second wash. A person believes the best quality clothing runs around the big brand name or a famous shop selling it. Like many other things we buy, handmade clothing also varies in quality. It is very misleading to say that every handmade item is of poor quality just because it doesn’t have a famous brand name attached to it.

A unique collection of handmade rag-dolls

A lot of Etsy shops present talented crochet-women, but that’s not all Crystal has up her sleeve… With her creative mind Crystal has also designed an amazing OOAK (one of a kind) collection of rag dolls, perfect for babies, new moms, or anyone who loves rag dolls!

If you like what you’ve seen here –
go ahead and give Crystal’s shop, OddPeanut,
a visit on Etsy!

PS, she also makes awesome adult crochet beanies

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